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On Monday evening I sat on my front porch for a date that was nearly four months past the originally scheduled appointment. 

This tryst was not with my wife, but she was still kind enough to bring me some cold water even as the events unfolded right before her very eyes. 

Before the gossip starts, let me explain.

I had just transplanted one of our azaleas that had not been faring well despite it being only four feet away from another that is perfectly fine (send your gardening tips to Because the job required a shovel and really getting my hands dirty — and because I refuse to wear anything but flip flops unless I absolutely have to — I was not exactly in my Sunday best for this meet-up. I like to think I was in the proper attire with my chosen hat and T-shirt combo, though.

I should probably add that this rendezvous took place virtually. You can’t do anything in person these days. I set my tablet up on the front porch railing at first, but that wound up being too far away for these eyes. I moved the tablet to the bistro table right next to me for optimal viewing. It had been so long since we last “met” that I did not want to miss a single detail. I had thought 7 p.m. was the agreed upon time, but my date arrived fashionably late at around 7:10. The camera angles on her end were a little out of the ordinary, but there she was right in front of me.

My date broadcasted from one of my favorite spots in Atlanta. I still like her former location a few miles south better as there was absolutely nothing wrong with it, but she picked up and moved a few years ago because that’s what she felt was best. I’ll gladly take on those added miles and minutes if the pandemic ever calms down. She’s totally worth it. 

Once we were connected, I found that there was no audio. I was not allowed to experience the normal sounds I’m accustomed to, but nevertheless Monday did serve as a nice little tease. I got to see almost all those faces and expressions I’ve come to love, so that was fine by me for now. You see, I’m expecting something much closer to the real thing next Tuesday and Wednesday before the main event next Friday.

Yes indeed, it was great to have baseball and my beloved Atlanta Braves before my eyes once again, albeit in the form of an intra-squad scrimmage with no real stakes or running commentary. 

What did you think I was talking about?

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