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Last week I wrote about GHSA member schools jumping ship and heading to/back to the Georgia Independent School Association, or GISA. 

In that piece, I made a statement that needs updating. 

Here’s what I said: ‘As anxious as I am to see what the GHSA will do with the private schools that stay behind, it doesn’t seem as though that will immediately affect any of our local schools.’

Week-ago Gil was wrong. GMC Prep is very likely to be affected on the GHSA side of this exodus. With Class A-Private having shrunk down, the GHSA is looking at proposals that could put single A public and private schools into the same pool. That could be full-time, meaning they would compete for the same state championships across all sports. Or it could be part-time, placing them in regions together and splitting them up come the state playoffs similar to how things were done a few years ago.

A discussion was held at the league’s reclassification committee meeting last Thursday. The key reason for the meeting was to hear appeals from schools wanting to change their assigned regions, but the ongoing private school shift forced the committee to look at other options for Class A in addition to its regularly scheduled business. 

The news out of last week’s reclassification committee meeting was basically that there was no news. Several options for Class A were put forward, but none gained enough traction or support to get to a formal vote. The discussion was tabled until public school and private school reps could meet with the GHSA to come up with an “equitable solution,” according to published meeting minutes. 

I don’t see a way for the league to get around putting publics and privates together. We have reached a point where someone is going to be unhappy. Is it going to be the public schools, who vastly outnumber their private counterparts? Or is it going to be the private schools, who are vastly outnumbered but help pump up the GHSA’s numbers?

At last count, 10 private schools had declared that they are leaving with still more likely on the way out. The remaining GHSA private schools don’t want to be put into their own classification, especially with it decreasing in size now, and the Class A-Public schools largely don’t want the privates mixed into their division either. 

Only time will tell who the unhappy party will be. Until then, send your Class A proposals to the GHSA. The league really needs help sorting through this mess and figuring out what to do with its lowest classification. 

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