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I’m feeling a little like fictional NASCAR racer Ricky Bobby right now — not sure what I’m supposed to do with my hands. 

Do I raise them in victory as my alma mater the University of Georgia demolishes everything in its path on the football field?

A defense that was supposed to take a step back has given up just 10 points through three games and finally allowed its first touchdown of the season in garbage time Saturday.

Super duper senior quarterback Stetson Bennett, perhaps the most polarizing figure in college football a year ago, is now having his name mentioned in the same sentence as the Heisman Trophy, and not in a joking manner.

Brock Bowers, the program’s true Heisman candidate, had his first big output of the season over the weekend. The California product looked unstoppable as he ran in a jet sweep, made a sweet catch on a fade route, and especially as he out-sprinted the Gamecock secondary early in the third quarter.

As a team, the Dawgs have collectively outscored Oregon, Samford, and South Carolina 130-10, and only one of those games was played in Athens. All very good reasons to raise one’s hands in victory, but there is another option.

Do I clench my fists in anger as the sport’s pundits call UGA “the new ‘Bama?” I have a couple of problems with this unwanted title. First, New Alabama sounds like what Georgia would be renamed to if Alabama won a war between the states, and we all know that won’t happen. They can’t take us in a fight.

Second reason I might clench my fists, Georgia will never be the new Alabama. Georgia is Georgia. While Kirby Smart’s blueprint for success may be similar to what Nick Saban has done in Tuscaloosa, the University of Georgia is its own entity. Countless other Saban disciples have left his side and I seem to remember only one has beaten him straight up in a national championship game. Fist clenching sounds like fun, but there is yet another option. 

Do I fold my hands and pray that all this positive attention surrounding my Dawgs isn’t setting them up for some major downfall later this year? Not gonna lie. I’m leaning heavily towards this one. I was raised listening to Larry Munson make it sound like every opponent was a mountain, even when they turned out to be just a quick ride up an escalator.

The national championship win over eight months ago did help my confidence a little, but I remember far too many heartbreaks to think we’re world-beaters. So yes, prayer seems like the right answer. If you would, please bow your heads with me as we try to get through the rest of this season.  

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