Letter to the Editor

I am writing to highly commend our health care professionals in the Emergency Room at Atrium Navicent Health. My husband arrived at the Emergency Room on the 28th of December. We registered with the admissions staff and gave them a brief description of why he needed to be seen. Within 10 minutes, he was called into the triage area. It was at the point that Anna, the nurse practitioner, did an assessment and ordered lab work. She had Dr. Lawrence see him to confirm a need for the CT scan of his neck. Both saw an immediate need for the prescribed intervention. I did explain to them that we had been at the Urgent Care Center for the past nine hours and he had declined to the point he was fearful that he could die. 

The Emergency Room was extremely busy with many emergencies ranging from COVID complications to cardiac episodes and accidents. The EMTs had been in at least five times while we were there with people needing to be seen. Staff were working non-stop with no breaks trying to see all who needed help. Rooms were few so we were in the hall. I had to stay with Larry since he was limited in speech due to the swollen lymph nodes. Once all the tests were performed and results were in, Dr. Lawrence discussed his condition with us. Due to his need to have an ENT evaluate him on an immediate basis, I chose to leave and take him to the Medical Center. He was in the hospital for two days. 

Thank you to our physician, Dr. Lawrence, the entire nursing staff, lab and radiology personnel and housekeeping for exceptional service and patient care in an unprecedented time. Everyone had such a positive and caring attitude. I think that the citizens in our county need to realize how lucky we are to have such great health care in our community. 

We appreciate you!

Patricia Baugh Thompson, RN, MSN

Larry Thompson

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