Letter to the Editor

This letter has been 20 years in formation. 

In 1999, my wife and I decided to move to Milledgeville. We were seeking a place where we could find a retirement home and community to live and die in. We did. 

Many good elements of life here are evident. Today, I would like to reflect on one element that is often unnoticed and certainly under-appreciated. The Milledgeville Police. As we built our house, an officer stopped by to make sure we were OK. Over the years, whenever there was need, whether medical or judicial, the officers responding have always been helpful and professional. Each night, my cameras detect regular patrols on my street. These examples will never make the headlines, but they have made for 20 comforting years. 

A few weeks ago a nearby incident resulted in a young man’s death. Milledgeville detectives looked for every possible clue, including reviewing my cameras. I was most impressed with the way they were able to make me feel about their capability and dedication. Just a few days ago a uniformed officer stopped by to check an alarm. Once again, he was professional, approachable and competent. I continue to feel safe. 

So, I write of this often under-appreciated aspect of life here. And I want to let these me and women know that I am grateful, even if I don’t always show it. 


John Shoemaker


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