Letter to the Editor

According to The Baldwin Bulletin, the issue of a swimming pool for a small minority of Baldwin County residents is alive and well and headed for fruition. At the last commissioners meeting on May 21, 2019, County Commissioner Emily Davis says she is not going to let the issue die and demanded it be put as the TOP priority of any agenda. Commissioners Sammy Hall and Tommy French is behind the project as well as the county manager, Carlos Tobar. They are already discussing the design and placement of the pool. Commissioner Henry Craig cautioned that there is a moratorium in place on nonessential projects. Davis responded, “the moratorium is not long term. We still have a minute.” If Davis has her way, and a minute, this pool will go in no matter that the county animal shelter has been approved and is still on the planning stages of the architect. The cost suggested for the shelter is $200,000, and according to Tobar, they are still shaving off more of that cost. The projected cost just to build the pool — $2 million. That’s right. $2 million. That does not include salaries for lifeguards, pool supplies, upkeep and the cost goes on indefinitely. After the $9 million already spent on the commissioners annex, this $2 million makes one think the county commissioners have endless pockets. Perhaps I should say the commissioners have our endless pockets of taxpayer monies. 

If this is what you, as taxpayers, want to let Emily Davis and her cadre of supporters, push this swimming pool to fruition, then we can kiss a new or upgraded animal shelter goodbye. 


Judy S. Veal Lawrence


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