Letter to the Editor

want to reach out to the citizens of Baldwin County and report on the progress of our upgraded animal shelter. Zero. That is how much progress has been made in over a year of a promised new shelter.  

A shelter that was promised completed by June 2019. A new building for our county commissioners — already has a foundation and walls ready to go up. Cost: over $9 million. Price they quoted for updated animal shelter — 200,000 — SPLOST money, of course. But, where is the money? Why is the updated shelter a few lines on an architect's drawing pad? Why are the animals still languishing in an absolute shack of a teeny tiny building?  

To better understand these horrific living conditions at the shelter, take a walk through the building at Linda Drive and see for yourself. A dark dungeon would be an improvement compared to the pitiful environment these precious dogs and cats live in. Our county commissioners are spending over $9 million of our tax money but balk at 200,000 for those who cannot vote them back into office. 

Out county commissioners are: John Westmoreland, Henry Craig, Tommy French, Sammy Hall, Emily Davis. They are your representatives. Send them a text message, an email, a letter, a phone call or even better, contact them through all the media. Put them on the hot seat of explaining their $9 million plus building compared to the pitiful animal shelter. I voted for the SPLOST, as I am sure many of you did, but it seems the money has been used in other, more important endeavors. Contact your representative today. 

Judy S. Veal Lawrence

Milledgeville, Georgia 31061

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