Letter to the Editor

Once again I beg our County Commissioners and City Council to sit down TOGETHER and come to an agreement regarding the library. They owe this to the citizens of Milledgeville and Baldwin County. By not reaching an SDS agreement in a timely manner, they have created a monster and have been negligent in their fiduciary responsibility to us, the citizens of our city/county.

The Baldwin County & City of Milledgeville 2018 Joint Comprehensive Plan indicates work on becoming a ‘State-Certified Literate Community’. How can this possibly be accomplished without a library?

 Aug. 1 will be here before we know it and even though the county has now agreed to fund the Lake Sinclair branch until the end of this calendar year, the issue is not resolved. Without FULL funding, the entire library system, which includes the Lake Sinclair Branch, will still lose state funding and support.

Our two governmental bodies need to meet together, publicly, not behind closed doors and form an agreement to Restore FULL Library Funding NOW!!

The citizens of Milledgeville and Baldwin County deserve better … in the words of Dr. Marshall Ivey …” Are you listening?” We, the citizens who elected you to office, WANT OUR LIBRARY FULLY FUNDED NOW!

An increasingly frustrated citizen/county taxpayer/library patron.


Sherrill Jones


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