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I tried stopping by Congressman Hice’s office here in Milledgeville, and it has obviously moved. I called the posted number only to have no answer and two voice mailboxes full. I would have preferred to actually speak to someone, but I sent him an email expressing the following.

I was disappointed I was to see my Congressman standing to object to the electoral vote from Georgia.  It seemed particularly unfortunate since he was aware that he had lost the Senator's required signature, so the entire effort was merely an exercise in political theater.

Bluntly, I don't need a show horse in Congress.  I need a work horse.  And more importantly, I don't need someone who would attempt to disenfranchise his constituent's votes … whatever their political leanings … based on rumor, lies, and conspiracy theories.

 If Congressman Hice has any serious information on voter fraud, he should do his job and report it to the appropriate State officials.  And stop wasting time.  His continuing effort to spread misinformation is contributing to undermining our democratic process.

My sense if that Mr. Hice needs to decide who he works for ... the outgoing President ... or the constituents of District 10.  If Mr. Hice continues to spread and reinforce unfounded voter fraud claims, it may be time to reconsider if Mr. Hice is the right person for Congress.  

John Geist


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