Our news is transmitted to us each day in numerous forms. Whether it’s on the web via social media, radio, television, mobile devices or in the print pages of our newspaper, we receive a steady stream of the day’s happenings. 

We hear stories that hopefully stop and make us think, and others that make us smile. Sometimes there are stories that inspire us, others that make us angry and prompt us to act. They are all a part of the daily news dialogue of which our newspaper contributes. 

Too often, however, our minds bring us back to the so-called “bad” news, those stories of crime and wrong-doings that bring attention to the negative in the world around us. 

We often hear that from you, our readers, that the focus too often is on what’s negative. 

Our stories are a reflection of the world around us — both good and bad. 

As your voice, we aim to provide a mix of news, events and ideas to share with you each day. We want to encourage you to be a part of that experience by sharing good news and positive story ideas with us. 

We strive each day to be your voice and your venue for the news of the local community. We want to share stories that encourage a local exchange of ideas and inspire others as well. 

We want to cover the news that matters to you and bring to the forefront the stories that make you think and form your own opinions and viewpoints in hopes that we can all contribute to the discussion of topics other communities are having. 

You have an outlet to share those stories with us. So drop us a line. Email your story ideas to nlinder@unionrecorder.com, give us a call at 478-453-1462 or stop by our office, 165 Garrett Way. 

We want to know what’s on your mind. Together we can shape and inspire our community and be the reflection we want to see in the world. 

We look forward to hearing from you.

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