Hot weather is here. Have you thought about your pets? Prove you love your pets by keeping them at home while you run around doing errands. If you take your dog for a walk, go in the mornings when the sidewalks are cool. The pads on their feet are not shoes and they can get burned. We know how painful a burn can be, so imagine what a dog’s foot feels like when it is burned. Best advice is to not allow your dog to walk on asphalt or concrete when it’s hot. Metal surfaces, such as truck beds, get extremely hot, too.

Truck beds are a dangerous place for dogs. The bed becomes extremely hot for animals to stand or lay down and they have no protection from the sun. It’s a way for flying debris to injure your dog. If your dog likes to chase animals, he can jump out and be injured. If you stop or start quickly, the dog can be thrown out of the truck or, at the minimum, be thrown around the truck bed.

Over the years, ARF has been invited, with our animals, to summer events and outdoor adoption events. We will do outdoor events and adoption days in the spring and fall but never in the summer. We won’t subject our animals to the intense heat. We are the humane society and we protect the animals in our care.

ARF dogs are kept indoors and are walked on a leash several times a day. They have a pen with a kiddy pool to slosh around in for short periods of time when the weather gets warm. They have to take turns because some are water-hogs! We want no less care for them when we place our animals into new homes. We want our dogs to be part of the family; staying indoors at night, being outdoors when you are outdoors. Our cats and dogs are people-animals, and our caregivers and volunteers help make them animal-animals, too. We want our cats and dogs to get along with other cats and dogs.

Summer is the time when we go on vacation, and we need to plan for where our pets will stay or if someone will stay in our home. The rare times I go out of town, I have a pet sitter. She’s fabulous and my kids love her. She stays overnight and is dedicated.

Summer is also a great time to adopt a pet. It’s easier to housetrain a puppy because the weather is nice and you don’t mind going outdoors with the puppy. We have a few puppies and several young adult and adult dogs for adoption. They are all great.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month. Shelters have this month because of the huge number of kittens that come into shelters in June. Right now, we have 15 kittens and several adult cats.

The adoption fee is $100 for all puppies, kittens and adult dogs who tested negative for heartworms. Dogs who we have treated for heartworms will have a $200 adoption fee. Cats over 1 year of age have a $75 adoption fee. The fee is not for the animal. All of our cats and dogs are free. The adoption fee is to help with all the veterinary care and shelter care they have received: tests, vaccinations, spay, neuter, de-worming, feeding, training, love and care.

June is also our kick off month for the 2011 calendar. Brochures are available at ARF, Animal Hospital and Lakeside Veterinary Clinic. This week more businesses will have these brochures. We have a few new rules this year. Last year we had 170 pictures. That was a lot of pictures. This year, it was decided that we will have only one picture per animal and one group picture. The entry fee will be $15 per picture. We may not make as much money on the entry fees this year, but we want to be as fair as we can when we try to place the pictures in the calendar. Deadline for picture entries is July 30.

So come to ARF to adopt this summer, and have your pets in our 2011 Calendar.

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