Letter to the Editor

Open Letter to Rick Williams, State House of Representatives:

Mr. Williams, I am totally and permanently against any form of voter suppression in Georgia. 

Mr. Williams, as a Republican, I already know how you are likely to vote, i.e., to suppress the vote. Republicans have tried to suppress the vote in at least 20 different ways in the past. 

Instead of trying to keep voters from voting, and thereby defeating the democratic process, please consider ways in which your party can attract voters in all race and economic groups. You can actually encourage every eligible voter to register and to cast a ballot and then you can win on the merits of your actions. Imagine that. 

Please do not suppress the vote. Doing so is simply un-American. This is how we got Trump. 

Surely you can agree that we don't want to encourage another fascist dictator in the White House and another racist and fascist mob storming the seat of our government.

James Bower


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