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Ron and Nancy Galloway use their decades of experience in the business to help their customers at Galloway’s Floor Décor.

Years ago, Ron and Nancy Galloway never envisioned owning their own business. That all changed in the summer of 2017 when their former employer retired, and they were faced with a decision about what the next step was for them. After much consideration, they took a leap of faith and opened Galloway’s Floor Décor. 


“We jumped into it and started swimming,” said Ron.


The pair celebrated the second anniversary of their store in September, and they have won the Union-Recorder Reader’s Choice Award for Best Flooring Store both years they have been in business. Their swift success can likely be attributed to their many years of combined experience in the industry. Both Ron and Nancy started working at Carpet Surplus (which later became Flooring America) in 1985. Ron learned the ins and outs of flooring installation, and Nancy started watching the store part-time. As the years continued on, Nancy’s job managing the store became full-time, and after 28 years in installation, Ron became the warehouse manager.


When Flooring America owner Darrell Black decided to retire and sell his building to Elite Gym owner Coni Moore in 2017, the Galloways made the decision to open their own store on North Columbia Street. 


“We had a lot of really, really great support,” said Nancy of the transition period. 

Two employees from Flooring America made the move with the Galloways at that time, and Black provided invaluable mentorship as the pair set up their business. The Galloways were even able to retain the Flooring America phone number so the loyal customer base could find them after the move.


“That month [August 2017] was really packed full of new things to experience and learn,” said Ron. “And thank God we did,” he added with a chuckle.


Both admit that they learned a lot about the aspects of business ownership that they had not known before, but that their decades of experience in the flooring business helped them to thrive quickly. They have also surrounded themselves with a strong staff, including sales consultants Maddie McDowell and Dustin Jennette and office aid Amanda Mercer.


“We’ve got a great crew that does a good job,” said Nancy. “If customers come in and they need help pulling things together, we can help them pull that together.”


In addition to their in-store team, Galloway’s Floor Décor relies on several experienced installation crews, many of whom they have worked with for years.


Galloway’s Floor Décor stocks traditional floor coverings such as carpet and sheet vinyl, but their newest and hottest product is their selection of vinyl planks. 

“We started out with like four different displays two years ago,” said Nancy of the functional, waterproof flooring option. “Now about one third of the showroom is vinyl planks.”


Galloway’s Floor Décor also sells hard wood floors and ceramic tiles. 


“We actually sell a lot of ceramic tile. I feel like we have some of the best selection in town,” Nancy said.


Galloway’s will install everything for the homeowner, with the exception of ceramic tile. Due to the nuances of ceramic tile, Galloway’s refers customers to tile specialists who can work directly with the customers to meet their installation needs.


People interested in Vista window treatments can also schedule an appointment with a consultant through Galloway’s. 


“We cater to a broad spectrum of people and products,” said Nancy.


In all interactions with clients, the Galloways go the extra mile to make sure the customers get what they truly want. This often involves encouraging them to take home product samples to see how they look in the lighting of their home.


“We’re here to help you walk through the process,” said Nancy.


The Galloways take pride in stocking good materials at fair and reasonable prices. But when asked what truly sets them apart from their competition, Nancy’s answer is simple — “Hands down, service and experience.”


In fact, one of Nancy’s favorite things about all of her years helping clients is running into them when she is out and about and hearing them say how much they like the way their flooring choices look in their home. 


“The truth is, I like helping people find what they both want and need,” said Nancy, who says it is rewarding “when you match up the right product to the right person.”


For her, she takes joy in “just knowing that, ‘Hey, we did our best.’”

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