Nina Barr

A 57-year-old Baldwin County woman ended up in jail Thursday night after she reportedly seriously injured her husband by striking him with a bat, local authorities say.

The woman claimed she was defending herself after being threatened by her husband, who reportedly was armed with an oar with a knife attached to it.

The woman was identified as Nina Marie Barr, of 150 N.W. Collins Road, Milledgeville, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy David King.

Barr, who was arrested at the couple’s residence, was charged with a felony count of aggravated battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, King said. Barr was later taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where she was jailed.

The suspect’s husband sustained a broken right arm and a broken right leg and femur, according to medical personnel who arrived shortly after deputies arrived at the residence.

King said the victim was laying on the floor in a room and covered with a blanket.

“[He] had numerous blood spots and what appeared to be injuries to his entire body,” King said in his report. “Blood was also present around his person and there was constant dripping of blood from his elbow region on his right arm.”

The deputy said the victim told him that he felt that his arm and legs were possibly broken before such was actually confirmed by medical personnel at the scene.

King said medical personnel indicated that the victim had sustained at least five blows to his body.

“Both [medical personnel and I] determined that [he] had sustained injuries that were far greater than what were required for just self-defense,” King said.

The deputy then placed Barr into custody. 

The fight happened about 11 p.m.

King said in his report that he was dispatched to the couple’s residence in regard to a fight.

Deputy Ashley Brown also responded to the call.

King said he talked with three parties, including the couple’s 31-year-old son, Ryan James Barr.

King said the victim told him that his wife and son had attacked him with a bat.

“[He] stated that each of them was encouraging the other to hit him more,” King noted in his report.

The suspect gave the deputy another version of what had happened.

Barr reportedly admitted that she had attacked her husband with a bat in order to protect herself after her husband reportedly came at her with a knife attached to a boat oar “or something of that nature.”

She denied that her son participated in the incident.

“Nina stated that [her husband] was lying about Ryan James also hitting him with the bat and that she was the only one who did,” King said in his report.

King said Barr told him that she and her husband had been arguing all day and that her husband “constantly verbally abuses her.”

Barr claimed she caused the injuries to her husband in self-defense.

The couple’s son, who lives with his parents, was not home when the physical altercation began between his parents occurred.

King said the son told him he had gone walking. When he returned home, he discovered his parents involved in a fight.

The deputy said the son told him that when he walked into the house he saw his father trying to attack his mother with a knife attached to what was described as a wooden object. He said his mother, meanwhile, was trying to defend herself.

The son told King that he managed to separate his parents, but before he could, he said his mother hit his father at least one more time with the bat.




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