A 54-year-old Milledgeville woman was arrested Friday on multiple counts of aggravated assault stemming from having reportedly fired a gun at her husband, local authorities say.

Fortunately, there were no injuries.

The woman was identified as Sheila Blackwell Brookins, of the 100 block of Brookins Circle, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sgt. Thomas “T.J.” Hargrove.

Brookins, who was taken into custody a short time following the shooting incident, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault under the Georgia Family Violence Act, records show.

After being arrested, Brookins was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where she was jailed.

Sheila Brookins is accused of firing a single gunshot at her husband, identified as Charles Eugene Brookins, according to an incident report. The other two charges of aggravated assault filed against Sheila Brookins are in connection with the fact that two children were inside the residence reportedly asleep at the time of the shooting.

Hargrove said in his report that he responded to a domestic call at the residence of the victim.

Shortly before 6 a.m., Hargrove said the sheriff’s office received a telephone call from Charles Brookins saying his wife had just intentionally fired a gunshot in their residence.

Hargrove said he responded to the call along with Deputy Shawn Isley.

“While en route, I learned that nightshift (deputies) had earlier responded to the residence and separated the two before leaving,” Hargrove said in his report. “The wife, identified as Shelia Brookins, returned a short while later and shot into their residence.”

Hargrove said when he got to the scene that he talked with Isley. By that time, Isley already had  found the suspect and arrested her.

“Deputy Isley told me Shelia (Brookins) had confessed to him to the shooting at their residence,” Hargrove said.

The deputy sergeant said he also talked with the suspect there at the scene, and read her miranda warning.

“She said she understood her rights and agreed to speak to me without an attorney,” Hargrove said. “She admitted to having consumed four beers that morning. She said she was sober and clearly understood what was going on.”

Hargrove said he asked Sheila Brookins again if she shot inside the home.

“She stated yes, because she was tired of the abuse her husband had inflicted on her through the years,” Hargrove said in the report.

The deputy supervisor said he also asked the suspect where the gun was that she used in the shooting, she told him her .380-caliber pistol was located on the coffee table at her father’s residence where she had been staying before the shooting happened.

The pistol turned out to be a Ruger LCP.

Hargrove said he cleared the weapon, which had five unspent rounds in it - one of which was in the chamber.

Hargrove said Charles Brookins told him that his wife had been drinking heavily in recently months and giving him and their children a hard time.


Charles Brookins said his wife showed up about 4:30 a.m. and described her as being belligerent.

Sheila  Brookins reportedly walked into the house screaming, and awakened him and their two children.

The incident led to a call to the sheriff’s office and Shelia Brookins going back to the residence of her father.

She later returned and began banging on the door of the residence where she had lived with her husband and their children.

Charles Brookins told Hargrove that he saw his wife armed with a pistol on the front porch. He said he shut the door and walked away.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a gunshot.

The bullet entered close to where Charles Brookins was standing at the time.

Hargrove said he also spoke with both children.

The deputy said the projectile perforated the exterior wall of the mobile home before it penetrated the refrigerator on the backside.

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