A driver tried to cross this flooded area on Underwood Road in his truck Friday morning, but soon realized his vehicle would not make it. MPD Officer Darius Binion said in his report of the incident that the driver, Robert Forney, a resident of Arcadia on the River, got out of the truck and walked home. 

A male driver found himself wishing he hadn’t run through two barricades and tried to cross a flooded area in his truck early Friday.

His truck remained on Underwood Road late Friday morning, still mostly submerged since the floodwaters had not subsided. 

The Milledgeville Police Department issued a citation for driving on a closed roadway to Robert Forney, a resident of Arcadia on the River, a local apartment complex for college students.  

According to an MPD report filed by Officer Darius Binion, the officer was patrolling the area when he noticed the road barricades at Underwood Road were knocked down and scattered throughout the roadway.

“As I proceeded to check the area,” Binion stated in his report, “I noticed a white truck submerged in the floodwaters. Due to the conditions, I was not able to tell if the vehicle was occupied.”

Officer Binion said the fire department came to the scene to assist with a welfare check, and the truck was found to be unoccupied. The driver side window of the submerged Dodge truck was broken so authorities could figure out to whom the vehicle belonged. They found that the truck was registered to Forney, so contact was made.

“[Forney] advised he drove through the barricade because he felt his vehicle could make it,” Binion said. “Once he couldn’t, he advised he got out and walked home.” 



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