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EATONTON, Ga. — A two-month undercover drug investigation into illegal methamphetamine trafficking in several counties recently led to the arrest of a Putnam County man, authorities say.

Local and federal authorities were armed with a search warrant when they conducted the raid and made the arrest.

A second suspect, meanwhile, believed connected to the same drug probe, recently was taken into custody in Newton County.

During the raid in Putnam County, local and federal authorities also seized drugs, $1,640 in cash, two pickup trucks, a car and an SUV.

One of the men, who was living in Putnam County, was released from prison in April, according to Putnam County Sheriff Howard R. Sills.

Andy Kirk Davis, 37, was taken into custody Tuesday, July 28, without incident following a raid at his residence by deputies and detectives with the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office, Butts County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T. team and agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from the Macon field office.

The raid took place a 9 a.m.

Davis has an extensive criminal history. He has been convicted several times since 2010 for the sale of methamphetamine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, and theft by taking is a ranking member of the Ghost Face Gangsters.

Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Detective Lt. Harry Luke, who participated in Davis’ arrest at his residence on Napier Drive near Lake Sinclair, said the drug suspect is a lieutenant within the criminal gang.

Davis was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for trafficking in methamphetamine, and sale of methamphetamine in Putnam County. He also was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, along with the use of a telecommunications device to commit a felony.

Three of the charges were also levied against Davis by the Butts County Sheriff’s Office, according to records.

Luke said a quantity of methamphetamine was found in Davis’ bedroom.

After his arrest, Davis was taken to the Butts County Law Enforcement Center in Jackson where he was taken and jailed.

Sills said the crimes that Davis was previously convicted for took place in several counties across middle Georgia, including Putnam, Butts, Jasper, Newton and Henry.

The sheriff said he was angered by the fact that Davis had been released and reportedly was to serve the remainder of his sentence on parole.

“This man has a 30-page rap sheet with five felony convictions,” Sills said. “He should have been in prison these past two months, but he wasn’t and therefore here we are again arresting him on drug charges just a short time after he was released from prison. There’s no way in hell that this man should have been released from prison.

“The public wants to know why crime is bad,” Sills said. “This is the kind of stuff they need to know about and should be asking questions of their state legislators and those in the district attorney’s office.”

Sills said Davis should not have been out of prison.

“The law says after your third felony conviction, you serve out your prison term,” Sills said. “His last conviction was over there in Jasper County. He got 10 years plus 25 years on probation.”

The investigation that led to the arrests was ongoing for about two months, Sills told The Union-Recorder.

In addition to Davis’ arrest, the investigation also led to the arrest of another suspect last weekend.

Butts County Sheriff Gary Long identified that suspect as Jessie Hannah, of Covington.

Hannah was taken into custody by Butts County deputies and detectives along with deputies from the U.S. Marshal’s Fugitive Task Force.

Hannah is charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for trafficking methamphetamine and for the sale of methamphetamine.

Davis, who has lived on and off in Putnam County for several years, also has lived in Claxton, Ga. and Butts County, the sheriff said.

About two years ago, Sills said Luke and former Detective Darryl Turk were involved in a drug investigation case with authorities in Jasper and Butts counties where Davis was taken into custody.

Davis was sentenced to 10 years in prison after his conviction in that case.

“He served less than a year of that sentence,” Luke said.

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