Tropical Smoothie Cafe

There are several Tropical Smoothie Cafe locations all across the United States of America. What locals may not be aware of is that location number 1,001 happens to be right here in Milledgeville. 

Brandi Faulk, one of the managers at Tropical Smoothie Cafe Milledgeville, said that they attempted to be the 1,000th location opened, but wound up being two weeks short of that honor. Since opening its doors, Faulk said that the business has received an amazing response from the community. 

“We opened on a Thursday and ordered enough food to last us a week,” Faulk recalled. “We were open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and we had to close down on Sunday because we ran out of food.” 

She called it “a good problem to have.”

Even now, after corporate began distributing coupons to customers in the area, there’s still been a solid response. 

“We’ve had a really good turnout from that. Like 80% of our sales have been based upon people getting those coupons in the mail and coming in to redeem them,” Faulk said. 

What makes the smoothies and food at Tropical Smoothie Cafe Milledgeville unique is the freshness. 

“All of our fruits, they are individually quick-frozen (IQF). When the fruit is picked in the field, it’s [run] down a conveyer belt, frozen and then shipped out. So, when we receive the fruit and slack it or thaw it out, it’s one day old.” 

The same principle is applied to the other items used at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. 

“Anything we have is fresh, we don’t use anything other. We’re super picky about our fruits and foods,” Faulk said. 

A point of pride for every Tropical Smoothie Cafe is offering a healthier option compared to other restaurants. On the menu, customers will find a variety of smoothies and food options including wraps, sandwiches and salads. 

“Most of our foods are based off of healthy options. We have a lot of supplements that we can add into our smoothies, such as Vitamin C, energizer, Fat Burner, multivitamin, probiotic,” Faulk explained. “We have collagen, pea protein and whey protein. You can also add things like spinach and kale into your smoothies, ginger, raw almonds, oats, flax seeds, chia seeds and peanut butter. Pretty much everything we have including food because nothing is fried, everything is baked in the oven, so we don’t have any grease in here, so everything is healthier for you.” 

One of Faulk’s favorite smoothies on the menu is the cranberry truffle smoothie, which contains cranberry, strawberry, non-fat yogurt and white chocolate. 

She also added that she and her fellow employees like to get to know their customers. 

“Ninety percent of our customer base is return customers. So, we like to get to know our customers by first name and greet them,” Faulk said. “When we train someone, when you go through orientation, that’s how we train you. So, we would like for you to get to know the customer. They’re not just another person that’s going to give you money. We want them to know that they are welcomed and that we thank them for their business and their support.” 

Faulk noted that staff members hold themselves to a high standard and strive to make sure that customers have the best customer service experience they can. 

“There’s not one thing that I dread doing, because we enjoy it. We make it fun. I enjoy every aspect of being a mother, and then coming to work and being a manager, and all of my employees,” Faulk said. “So, every bit is an enjoyment for me.”

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