The Transformation Spot

Owner Edna Fisher serves up healthy and tasty drinks at The Transformation Spot.

Four and a half years ago, Edna Fisher was a new mother trying to find her way back to wellness and her pre-pregnancy body. 

The demands of caring for an infant and the weight put on during pregnancy left her feeling self-conscious and unsure of how to proceed. 

“I wanted to find a way to get healthy, something that was going to teach me healthy nutrition, and I came across Herbalife and an Herbalife coach,” said Fisher. “She put me on a nutrition plan and I did amazing. What it did was taught me how to manage my weight. It taught me how to lose weight. It made me feel good.”

Fisher had such success that she decided to become an Herbalife coach herself. She and her husband were living in Pensacola, Fla. at the time, and eventually Fisher had so much success coaching others that she decided to move back to her hometown of Milledgeville and open her own wellness business. 

Fisher opened The Transformation Spot at 800 N. Wayne Street in late June of this year. Since then, she has worked with her team of coaches to share her knowledge of health and nutrition with the local community.

The Transformation Spot staff includes Fisher and five other Herbalife coaches. Products offered in the store include a variety of healthy teas, shakes and smoothies in such flavors as Georgia Peach Tea, Millyrock Jollyracher and Blue Raspberry, as well as Herbalife dietary items. Additional Herbalife products are available through catalog order at the store. Delivery is also available. 

Fisher and her team meet with clients who are looking to lose weight, to gain weight healthily, to gain muscle and to increase muscle tone. The nutrition aspect of the business involves educating clients on the need to eat lean, balanced meals and to be aware of what they are putting into their bodies. 

“We always ask ‘what’s your eating regimen?’ Are you eating enough and what are you eating?” Fisher said. 

Clients are shown how to read nutrition labels and how to balance their meals with lean meats, healthy carbohydrates and vegetables. 

One Herbalife product Fisher and her staff often include in a client’s meal plan is the meal replacement shake. These low-calorie, low-sugar shakes include 21 essential vitamins and minerals and 19 grams of protein to give the client plenty of energy throughout the day.

Increasing awareness about fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle is also part of The Transformation Spot’s mission. 

“What we like to promote is that any type of physical activity is good, whether it’s walking, gardening, etc.,” said Fisher. 

To that end, The Transformation Spot offers circuit training with Coach Tasha every Monday and Wednesday evening at 5:15, as well as line dancing with Coach Felicia on Fridays at 5:30. Classes are $5 each or free with the purchase of one of the store’s teas or shakes before or after the class.

Another regular offering is Transformation Tuesday at 6:30 every Tuesday evening. During these sessions, The Transformation Spot’s coaches provide information on the Herbalife product line, discuss meal plan ideas and share personal wellness testimonies with their clients.

A particularly vibrant aspect of Fisher’s business is the monthly online challenges offered. Participants can join a 14-day challenge for $10, and in exchange, they will receive the support of an extensive online community. Members can use the group chat feature to share pictures of their food, exchange ideas and offer encouragement to one another. Fisher said that when one member has a bad day or struggles with their wellness plan, “Everyone is encouraging them, sharing their stories and how they got back together. It’s so much support and motivation inside of the chats.” 

At the end of each challenge period, the coaches evaluate the participants’ progress and select three winners who receive cash prizes.

Before discovering Herbalife, Fisher and her husband had a gym back in Pensacola. 

“We weren’t into nutrition. We were just into fitness.” 

As the owner of The Transformation Spot, Fisher now strives to teach her clients about having a better balance between fitness and nutrition. 

She added, “I enjoy this so much better. The fitness is a key component, but fitness is not going to keep you healthy if you’re not eating healthy.”

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