Co-owners Jason Latimer (pictured) and Josh Eady have led SERVPRO of Baldwin and Monroe since 2011.

Every morning, just before 8 a.m., the entire staff at SERVPRO meets in one room. They use this morning meeting to discuss the calls that have come in since the close of the previous business day and to assess what work awaits in the day ahead.

This daily meeting is one example of the team approach SERVPRO takes in providing quality work to their customers. As the Tennessee-based corporation celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, the local franchise takes the corporate theme of “One Team” to heart by making sure that all staff members, from the front desk to the crews of technicians, know that they each play a role in getting the job done.

SERVPRO of Baldwin and Monroe has been led by co-owners Jason Latimer and Josh Eady since 2011 and was named the Georgia Franchise of the Year in 2018. Both Latimer and Eady are general contractors themselves, and they take pride in ensuring that their team provides quality and timely responses to whatever disasters their clients have faced, all without needing to sub-contract any of the work to outside parties.

“We are a full service restoration company,” said Ashley Bacon, marketing consultant for SERVPRO. “That kind of sets us apart from others in this industry.”

Bacon and fellow marketing consultant Melissa LeBrun work with customers throughout SERVPRO’s ten-county service area. A large part of their work involves what LeBrun calls “relationship marketing.” This involves putting customers who are facing stressful situations at ease as quickly as possible.

“We want to make them feel comfortable from the beginning so they know they can trust us,” said Bacon.

When clients learn that SERVPRO can do all stages of the disaster recovery work, including reconstruction, they often feel relief at knowing that they will not have to deal with a multitude of people to get the job done. 

“We will carry them from the beginning to the end,” said Bacon.

“This takes their level of anxiety down,” added LeBrun.

SERVPRO handles restoration work for damage from water, fire, smoke, sewage and mold. Many of their jobs stem from everyday mishaps such as leaky supply lines, busted pipes or backed up toilets. They have staff members who deal directly with insurance claims submitted for damages, and with their own on-site showroom of flooring samples, tiles, cabinetry and more, they can take the stress out of getting a property back to “good as new” status.

While most of SERVPRO’s calls are for residential work, they are also fully prepared to handle large-scale commercial property damage. With a network of franchises partnered throughout the state, they can bring in extra resources and extra work force when facing such disasters. 

“When we say there’s no job too big, we mean that,” said Bacon. 

In handling recent commercial disasters in both Madison and Milledgeville, SERVPRO was able to get each business operational within a day while continuing to finish their restoration work. 

“Our number one goal is to get businesses back up and running,” said Bacon.

One service SERVPRO offers to businesses is the Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) mobile app. Business owners can schedule a free, no strings attached appointment with Bacon or LeBrun to assess their properties and identify where shutoffs are located and whom to call should disaster strike. ERP can help give business owners peace of mind should they need to take days away from their property for vacations or other absences.

Despite being one of over 1,700 franchises nationwide, owners Latimer and Eady make sure that the local SERVPRO franchise strives to be involved with the local communities they serve. Bacon and LeBrun point out that this is one of the challenges of their jobs, as they need to tailor their marketing tactics for everything from rural communities in counties such as Hancock, Wilkinson and Washington to their metro Atlanta suburban clients in Walton County. They insist that these challenges are made much easier by being surrounded by quality staff.

“Our team, whether it’s from the front desk to the last truck out the driveway, they make it easy for us to go out and build relationships,” said Bacon. “That’s how good they are.”

Here in Milledgeville, SERVPRO gets involved by supporting a variety of non-profit organizations in the area such as Animal Rescue Foundation, Café Central, Young Professionals and Keep Milledgeville Baldwin Beautiful.

At the heart of everything, SERVPRO strives to be of service when customers face situations they may have previously felt were unthinkable.

“People don’t think they’re going to incur a loss,” said Bacon. “They don’t think it’s going to happen to them.”

Bacon’s best advice to both homeowners and business owners is to be prepared and to know whom to call in such an emergency. 

“Things like that, they can happen to anybody.”

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