Small Services LLC

From an early age, Joseph Hinton and the world of construction went hand in hand. 

Being a homeschooled student meant a lot of his education came on a job site. Hinton took about a nine-year break from construction when he joined the army but when he returned, jumped right back in. 

His first business was a handyman company located in Alabama, the home of Hinton’s last military duty station. 

“We were pretty successful down there and decided to move back to Georgia to be closer to family,” he recalled. 

From there, the handyman company evolved into a general contracting firm that did commercial renovation work and custom homes.

Hinton eventually took another step back to find a niche that better fit him and his company.

“That niche turned out to be a separate company, which is Hinton Construction” he said. 

He founded Hinton Construction but he started fielding numerous calls related to smaller handyman needs. With a heavy volume of work, Hinton Construction couldn’t get to the smaller service needs but Hinton said he had nowhere to redirect those customers’ needs. That led to the creation of his new venture — a company focused specifically on handyman-type work known as Small Services, LLC. 

Although still in its startup stages, Small Services LLC does a lot of its customers. Services include carpentry work, roof repairs, smaller plumbing repairs, gutter cleaning (done with a vacuum system that can reach up to 40 feet) and more. 

Hinton emphasized that they will never go out to do a job that hasn’t been tested in-house.

“For instance — if one of our techs is coming out to do a roof repair, he’s already certified as a master shingle installer through one or two of the major shingle manufacturers,” he said. 

He said that having employees that are vetted and gone through background checks has played a factor in the business’ success. 

Word of mouth, Hinton noted, has been positive. 

Hinton said that the average service call for a general handyman (which includes small carpentry, assembling furniture/exercise equipment, hanging items on the wall) is about $230. The biggest service call, Hinton recalled, was about $5,700, which was for an extensive roof repair. Most of the service calls are generally under $1,000.

“We love … the satisfaction in looking at a project when you’re done,” said Hinton. “Knowing that you did a job well done and that people are going to be happy. Sometimes you make people’s lives better, sometimes you solve little issues and headaches, but every day is different.”

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