To better protect the public and local police officers during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, a new feature has been added to the Milledgeville Police Department website.

“It’s basically a form on our website page called, Self-Reporting Online,” according to Police Chief Dray Swicord. “It’s for non-emergency type calls.”

Swicord explained that a person with a non-emergency call can access a form and fill it out, stating the problem they had encountered, such as a burglary, or a theft that already had happened.

“They can fill out the form with that kind of information and within 48 hours, an officer will call them and get any other type of information that he or she might need,” Swicord told The Union-Recorder.

“Obviously, if it’s a shooting, armed robbery and those types of crimes, they should immediately call 911,” Swicord said.

The new tab on the police department’s website page is related specifically to non-emergency type calls.

The police chief said the officer handling the “Self-Reporting Online” case will ultimately be assigned to that case and be responsible for any follow-ups that he or she might discover in the course of their ongoing investigation. 

During conversations between the person reporting the crime, who is referred to on the form as the complainant, the police officer assigned to the case will likely ask additional questions when they follow up on the reported crime by phone.

The new tab is located on the Milledgeville Police Department’s webpage at

“These challenges are going to keep coming our way with this pandemic and we’re just trying to do whatever we can do from a public safety standpoint to protect the public and our officers on the frontline of all of this,” Swicord said.







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