Mitchell and Son

With more than 20 years of experience, Adam Mitchell is more than qualified for his latest business venture. A native of Milledgeville, Mitchell originally started his first public business, Mitchell Maintenance in 2001. The business, mainly focused on general home repair, was successful. Even though Mitchell was focused on running Mitchell Maintenance, he noted that every now and then, he would do some grass cutting and lawn care. That proved just as successful. 

With the rapid growth of his lawn care venture, Mitchell decided to sell his general home repair business and transition to this new venture full-time. He focused on lawn care for about six or seven years. His journey as a business owner and entrepreneur started when he decided that he wasn’t getting paid his worth on his day-to-day job. He said that the general home repair and lawn care ventures started as a side job to his 9 to 5 gig. Then, he started making more from the side job than his regular full-time job, which made him get serious about working for himself full-time.

Today, Mitchell works with his son Gabriel, on a new venture — Mitchell and Son Stump Grinding & Pressure Washing Co. 

 “We do what we’re best at, and those are the two things that we’re best at,” Mitchell said. 

The tree stump grinding aspect has only been a focus of Mitchell and Son beginning this year, while pressure washing was a part of Mitchell’s original general home repair business.

Mitchell said his son grew interested in not only starting his own business, but also bringing back the general home repair and lawn care business. Mitchell had been doing research on stump grinding for about two years, so he advised his son that the two of them should look into the venture in more detail. That led to the father and son starting the business together.

The business offers tree stump grinding and pressure washing. Customers send pictures of whatever they would like ground or they can receive an in-person estimate. Mitchell and Son clears out any debris around the stump and does the work. Said grinding is below grade, which means that they grind at least three to four inches below the ground. After finishing, the hole is filled and the wood chipping left over is spread out level to the ground. If customers wish, the chipping can be hauled off by Mitchell and Son for an extra charge. The pressure washing is done mostly based on square footage and Mitchell and Son also does roof wash. 

Pricing for services varies depending on the job. Mitchell said that the response from the local community since the business started has been positive. He said the part he enjoys most is having the chance to work closely with his son. 

“We do quality work because our name is on the line, we want to keep a good name,” Mitchell said. “We’re very meticulous and like to do good work.” 

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