Sanford Lee Pearson

A 26-year-old Milledgeville man was arrested Monday morning following a domestic disturbance at a residence he shares with a woman, local authorities say.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Joshua Holcomb identified the man as Sanford Lee Pearson, of the 100 block of Bay Valley Road, according to an incident report.

Pearson was charged with false imprisonment, battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, and cruelty to children in the 3rd degree, records show.

After his arrest, Pearson was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed on the charges.

Holcomb said when he got to the residence, he knocked on the door loudly in an attempt to make contact with the woman who had earlier telephoned 911. The deputy said as he walked around to knock on another door, he spotted a woman in a front window attempting to communicate with him.

“She made several failed attempts to open the window so that we could communicate better,” Holcomb said in his report. “I was able to make out what the woman was saying: ‘I can’t get out.’”

The woman later walked to the front door of the residence where she talked with the deputy. She was holding her 1-year-old daughter at the time.

“And Her shirt was badly torn,” Holcomb said.

The woman told the deputy that she and her child’s father had gotten into an argument earlier that morning.

Holcomb said the woman told him that as the argument got more heated that Pearson began striking her.

The woman said that Pearson grabbed her and ripped her shirt. The woman also showed the deputy a swollen portion of her face near her left eye, Holcomb said. The woman also had a scratch mark on one of her forearms.

Photographs of the woman’s injuries were taken and included as evidence in the case.

Holcomb said he also talked with Pearson, who explained that the argument began the night before over his cellphone usage.

Pearson said the argument reignited Monday morning after he asked the woman if he could borrow an iron.

During that argument, Pearson said the woman struck him.

The deputy noted in his report that he saw no visible signs about Pearson’s body to corroborate what he claimed happened.

Holcomb said Pearson admitted that he blocked the woman inside a room and was confining her there in an effort to keep her from leaving until law enforcement officers could get there.

“Sanford admitted that he was still blocking the door when law enforcement arrived,” Holcomb said in his report.

The deputy described the residence as being in disarray as he looked around.

“Several items inside the house, including an ironing board, were broken,” Holcomb said.





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