EATONTON, Ga. - The body of a woman discovered hanging in a tree on Oct. 29 in Putnam County has been ruled a suicide, local authorities say.

Putnam County Sheriff Howard R. Sills confirmed that a medical examiner had determined the cause of death of 38-year-old Carla Christina Dempsey Crumpton to be suicide.

The medial examiner made the findings following an autopsy that was performed at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Laboratory in Decatur. The autopsy was done to determine the exact cause of death.

The medical examiner attributed Crumpton’s death to asphyxiation.

“This was another sad and unfortunate suicide resulting from our country’s illicit drug problem,” Sills said. “It’s just sad.”

Prior to the results of the autopsy being performed, Sills had reported that Crumpton had a history of drug problems and had been in drug rehabilitation in the past.

Crumpton’s body was discovered hanging in a Mimosa tree by a motorist who happened to have been driving along Pea Ridge Road near Lisa Woods Lane. The man who spotted the body first believed it was a Halloween decoration, Sills said.

Once the man got a closer look, he believed it to be a real body and called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff said Crumpton was pronounced dead at the scene by Brian Hicks, who is now the acting coroner of Putnam County.

Sills said it was believed that the woman’s body had actually been there for approximately 10 hours before it was discovered.

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