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A 39-year-old Marietta man was arrested on illegal drug charges in Baldwin County last Tuesday afternoon.

The man was identified as Travis Maurice R. Thornton, of the 2300 block of Loren Springs Court, S.W., Marietta, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Towe.

Thornton was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for possession of MDMA or what also is known as ecstacy, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, and possession of drug-related objects, records show.

After his arrest, Thornton was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed.

Towe said in his report that he spotted a 2012 Volvo S60TS stopped on the side of the roadway at the intersection of Gordon Highway and Jackson Drive. The car had its emergency hazard lights on so the deputy said he turned around and went back to check on the driver.

The deputy said when he was talking with the driver, later identified as Thornton, that the man told him he had stopped to talk on his cellphone.

During that same time, Towe said he smelled the odor of marijuana coming from within the car.

The deputy said he then asked the driver if there was any marijuana in the car.

“The driver handed me a black bag and inside the black bag was a glass pipe smoking device that the driver said contained what the driver identified as marijuana,” Towe said in his report.

The deputy said a small jar of marijuana was found in that same black bag.

Towe said he asked the driver to step out of the car. He then searched the suspect before he placed him under arrest and put him inside the rear seat of his patrol car.

The deputy said after other deputies backed him up at the scene that he began a probable cause search of the car.

Inside a bag found laying on the passenger seat, Towe said he discovered a large pill bottle that contained four different medications. The bottle did not have a prescription label on it.

Five of the blue pills inside of the bottle were later described as ecstacy.


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