A Milledgeville man and woman were arrested on drug charges following a Friday night traffic stop by a deputy sheriff in Milledgeville.

The suspects were identified as Michael Chase Register, 23, of the 100 block of Old Williamsburg Road; and Samantha Leeanna Jones, 29, of the 200 block of Forest Valley Drive, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Towe.

Register was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance (VGCSA) for possession of a Schedule I controlled substance, possession of marijuana less than an ounce, windshield violation, and impeding traffic, records show.

Jones, meanwhile, was charged with VGCSA for possession of a Scheduled IV controlled substance, drugs to be kept in original container, and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

A third person in the truck with Register and Jones was not arrested and allowed to leave.

Register and Jones later were taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where they were jailed.

Towe said while patrolling, he spotted a truck stopped at the traffic signal at the intersection of Irwinton Road and South Wayne Street. The deputy said as he entered the turning lane to make a right turn he noticed the truck’s windshield had multiple large cracks in it, which he judged to be an obstruction to the driver’s view.

The deputy said he noticed the driver staring nervously at him.

“When the red light turned green, I observed the driver not to proceed through the red light,” Towe said in his report. “After approximately 10 seconds, I looked over and motioned for the driver to proceed. The driver continued to stare at me without proceeding. After several vehicles used their horn to notify the driver of the light being green multiple times, the driver finally proceeded through the light.”

The deputy said he then turned on his blue lights and initiated a traffic stop on the driver of the truck, who later was identified as Register. The traffic stop was made in the parking lot of the Jet Food Store at 1111 S. Wayne St.

Towe said he walked up to the driver’s window and immediately detected the odor of marijuana coming from inside the truck.

Towe said he went back to his patrol car where he asked a dispatcher to send another deputy to assist him.

Register was later asked to step out of the truck and then questioned about the marijuana, Towe said in his report. The suspect reportedly denied that there was any marijuana in the truck and that he had not been around anyone smoking marijuana.

The deputy said he told Register that he was going to conduct a probable cause search of the truck, based on the detection of the odor marijuana coming from inside the truck.

Towe said Brantley later talked with Jones, who got out of the truck with her purse. The deputy later got consent from Jones to search her purse. Inside it, he discovered a pill bottle.

Jones reportedly told the deputy that she had a prescription for 150 tramadol pills.

“The pills were in an unmarked pill bottle,” Towe said. “Jones stated she took 100 of the tramadol pills from the 150 and placed them in a smaller pill bottle to carry with her.”

Towe said he also talked with another passenger in the truck and nothing illegal was found on him.

During the search of the truck, a vape pen tank was found in the center console.

“The tank contained a thick brown liquid,” Towe said.

The oil was later field tested and came back positive for THC, the deputy said.

Towe said during his investigation of the vape pen tank that Register told him it belonged to him and claimed that it was CBD oil.

Meanwhile, Jones was unable to provide the other deputy with a prescription for the pills she had in her possession.

Register was later arrested and placed in a patrol car.

Towe said while placing handcuffs on Jones that he detected the strong odor of marijuana again.

The deputy again asked her about the marijuana smell.

“Jones stated that she had shoved a bag of marijuana down the front of her pants,” Towe said.

Deputy Kimberly Kile was later called to the scene to retrieved the marijuana from Jones.

Towe said Jones told him that Register had given her the marijuana earlier at the red light to hide for him.

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