Charles M. Brown

A 27-year-old Milledgeville man wanted for allegedly assaulting his grandmother with a knife during a domestic disturbance, reportedly triggered by his fiancé using the telephone, has surrendered to authorities.

The grandmother was injured in the assault.

The suspect was identified as Charles Michael Brown Jr., according to Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Christopher Jackson.

Brown, who later turned himself in to authorities at the sheriff’s office, was charged with aggravated assault, simple battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, simple assault, and criminal trespass.

Brown remains in the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center.

The incident happened at a residence on Montego Bay Road.

Jackson said when he arrived at the residence he talked with the 75-year-old woman who had been assaulted, as well as with the suspect’s 30-year-old fiance, who was said to be four months pregnant.

The elderly woman said her grandson had torn up her house and was beating her and his fiancé, according to the incident report.

The woman was clearly frightened and was shaking at the time of her interview, the deputy said.

“Upon entering the residence, I could see items scattered about the floor — all in disarray,” Jackson said.

The elderly woman then showed her injuries to the deputy.

She sustained a cut on her right hand and said her grandson also had cut her with a knife. 

“There was a small cut on the webbing in between her thumb and forefinger, which was bleeding,” Jackson said in his report. “I also observed a fresh, reddish mark on her right cheek and reddish bruising to the right side of her neck.”

The injury to the woman’s neck reportedly happened when the suspect grabbed her.

The elderly woman also told the deputy that her grandson also broke her phone and computer during the disturbance.

The deputy said he saw the damaged items and also noted in his report that the woman told him that her grandson informed her if she ever called law enforcement on him that he would kill her.

Jackson said he also talked with the suspect’s fiance, who indicated Brown had gotten upset at her because she was talking on the telephone.

The woman said the suspect yelled at her and his grandmother.

Jackson said the woman told him that Brown told his grandmother to stay out of it.

“She (younger woman) stated she witnessed Brown attack (his grandmother) and turn over the table and throw things on the floor,” Jackson said in his report. 

That same woman also said she witnessed Brown kick his grandmother once on the floor.

The younger woman reportedly was not injured.




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