Ira Jackson Sr.

A Baldwin County man was arrested Saturday afternoon at his residence after he reportedly fired a shotgun blast that flattened the tire on his son’s car and prevented him, his wife and their 10-month old son from leaving following an argument that led to a fight between the man and his son.

Authorities said the physical altercation stemmed from an argument that began the day before and carried over until the next day involving some sort of dispute about military. The suspect is an inactive military veteran, while his son is active military and was home visiting his family for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

No one was seriously injured in either of the incidents.

The man arrested as a result of the shooting was identified as Ira Jerome Jackson Sr., 50, of the 200 block of Little Road, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Towe. 

Jackson Sr. was charged with one count of aggravated assault under the Georgia Family Violence Act, two additional counts of aggravated assault not related to the state’s family violence act, and one count of interference with a telephone call for emergency service, records show.

After being arrested, Jackson Sr. was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed.

Towe said when he got to the residence that Deputy Samuel Robinson and Training Deputy Lamarcus Tuft already had separated all of the parties involved in the incidents.

Towe said he also was told that a shotgun had been fired earlier. The deputy said he found the gun near the front porch of the residence and that he immediately unloaded it, and then placed it in the patrol car of Deputy Sgt. Jerome Roberts.

A short time later, Towe said he talked with the victim’s wife, who also was considered a victim, along with her husband and their child.

The woman said her husband and her father-in-law had gotten into an argument before a single gunshot was fired from the shotgun.

Towe said the woman heard what she described as a lot of commotion going on inside a bedroom where her husband and father-in-law were involved in an argument. The woman said a short time later, she could tell the argument had turned physical.

The bedroom door, as well as a bathroom door were both locked, the woman said, noting she later kicked open the bathroom door that led to the bedroom where she saw the two men involved in a fight.

The woman told the deputy she managed to separate the two men. The woman said she then told her husband to get their child and take him to the car so they could leave the residence.

Towe said the woman told him when she went outside, she saw where her husband had secured the baby in the backseat on the driver’s side of their Nissan Altima, and then locked himself into the driver’s seat.

The woman said a short time later, her father-in-law came outside and told them that no one was leaving.

Towe said the woman told him that when her father-in-law came out armed with the shotgun that she was standing by driver’s side tire and rear door when the man fired the gun. Pellets from the shotgun blast struck the tire, causing it to go flat.

Debris from the gunshot struck one of the woman’s legs.

Towe said she was checked at the scene, but it did not appear that she was actually struck by any of the shotgun pellets.

The woman said as she attempted to call 911, her father-in-law “slapped” the phone out of her hand, and thus caused the phone to become disabled. The woman said the man then grabbed her from behind with his arm around her neck in an attempt to get her away from the car.

Towe said he later corroborated the daughter-in-law’s account of what had happened with the suspect’s wife.

The suspect’s wife told the deputy she was standing on the front porch when her husband fired the gunshot, according to the incident report.

Towe said he later talked with the suspect’s son.

The man said he was stationed in Japan and had come for the holidays. The man said he and his dad got into an argument over the military, according to the incident report. The younger man, one of the three victims in the case, said the argument was then dropped. He explained that his father ignored him most of the next day and wouldn’t speak to him.

Towe said the younger man told him that he later went into a bedroom in an attempt to straighten things out with his dad, but that the argument erupted again and that he was unable to get his point across to his dad. The younger man said his dad told him since the argument wasn’t getting anywhere they should “just fight it out.”

The younger man told the deputy that his dad then locked both the bedroom and bathroom doors, and shoved him. The younger man said he attempted to leave the room, but his dad would not allow him to leave.

The argument eventually led to a fight between the two men, Towe said. It later was broken up by the younger man’s wife.

After the shooting, the younger man said he got out of his car and told his dad to get away from his wife.

The younger man said his dad walked up to him and attempted to start another fight with him.

During that time, someone was able to get the gun away from the man, Towe said in his report.

The deputy said the younger man sustained some facial injuries as a result of the fight.

A short time later, deputies arrived at the residence.

Deputy Samuel Robinson and Deputy Lamarus Tuft drove up a short time later and took the suspect into custody.

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