Rodracius D. Stephens

A 36-year-old Milledgeville man was arrested Wednesday morning for reportedly selling drugs out of his car, local authorities say.

When deputies arrived in the Harrisburg neighborhood area, they discovered the man asleep in the vehicle.

The suspect was identified as Rodracius D. Stephens, of the 1100 block of West Montgomery Street, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Shawn Isley.

Stephens was charged with two counts of Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for possession of cocaine and possession of crack cocaine. He was also charged with one count of obstruction of a law enforcement officer.

After his arrest, Stephens was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed.

Stephens was sitting in a Lexus ES300 when deputies arrived on the 100 block of Harrisburg Road in reference to an anonymous tip called into a detective at the sheriff’s office about a man, possibly named Rodracius Horton, reportedly selling illegal drugs from a parked car, Isley said in the report.

Deputy Jerome Roberts, who was with Isley at the time, recognized the man in the car as Stephens, and not Horton, according to the incident report. Stephens was asleep behind the wheel of the car at the time.

Stephens was, at the time, wanted on outstanding probation violation warrants, authorities said.

Isley said he and Roberts acted on an anonymous tip called in earlier to Detective Haley Beckham.

Roberts later attempted to talk with Stephens through the window of his car, Isley said.

The suspect awakened after Roberts was able to get his attention.

“The subject sat up in the seat and began reaching for the key in the ignition,” Isley said in his report.

Roberts, meanwhile, told Stephens repeatedly to open the door of the car, but he reportedly rolled his window down slightly and then quickly closed it.

Once again, Stephens reportedly reached for the ignition key.

Both deputies then gave orders for Stephens to leave the key alone and for him to open his car door, but he did not comply, Isley said.

Roberts then pulled out his baton and knocked out the driver’s side window. The deputy managed to open the driver’s side door while giving Stephens commands to get out of his car.

But again, Stephens would not follow the lawful commands given to him by Roberts, Isley said in his report.

Roberts, along with Deputy Joshua Holcomb, later pulled Stephens from the car and placed him on the ground, Isley said.

During the arrest, a burn barrel was knocked over and hit the driver’s side rear bumper.

Stephens continued resisting arrest.

Isley said he, along with Roberts, Holcomb and Deputy Sgt. Lee Kitchens, were eventually able to subdue the suspect and place him in handcuffs.

A search of the car subsequently yielded a quantity of powdered cocaine and a quantity of suspected crack cocaine, as well as a red and white pill, Isley said.

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