Terrell Jermaine Jones

A 21-year-old Milledgeville man is being held in the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center on felony charges after being accused of beating up his girlfriend.

The suspect was identified as Terrell Jermaine Jones, of a Harrisburg Road address, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chanda Hogan.

Jones was charged with two counts of felony battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, records show.

The suspect is accused of having beaten up a 39-year-old woman in the parking lot of an eatery on the 2400 block of Irwinton Road on March 17, Hogan said in her report.

Hogan said she was called to the Baldwin County Solicitor’s Office where she met with Solicitor Maxine Blackwell in the county courthouse. The deputy also talked with the victim in the case.

Blackwell said the victim had come to her office after being assaulted by a man she referred to as her boyfriend.

Hogan said she also talked with the victim in the case, who said she earlier had been hanging out with the suspect, later identified as Jones, at his family’s residence.

After seeing her talking on the phone, Jones accused the victim of cheating during the drive home. The victim said she denied the accusation.

A few minutes later, the victim said she and Jones left the residence of her boyfriend’s relatives.

Seconds later, the victim said her boyfriend hit her in the upper left chest area, which left a bruise.

The victim said she hit back and her boyfriend later pulled over into the parking lot of the local eatery and parked the car.

The victim said Jones got on top of her and began hitting her about her face, head and arms.

At one point during the fight, the victim recalled being on the ground and that her boyfriend got her back into the car and drove her home.

After getting home, the victim said she tried to get inside and go clean up her injuries without her daughter seeing her and asking questions. The victim said, however, that her daughter saw her injuries and thought she had gotten into a fight with someone else.

Jones supposedly told the victim’s daughter that her mother hit him first, according to the incident report.

The victim’s daughter said she went back inside her residence to care for her mother, and noted that when she saw her mother’s injuries that she was “horrified.”

Hogan said she later talked with Jones, who told her that the victim grabbed him by the hair and pulled him back. Jones said he then grabbed his girlfriend by the hair, which led to a fight.

Jones said he and his girlfriend fell to the ground and that the victim hit her face on the ground.

As Jones was getting up off the ground, he said he rolled his girlfriend over and saw blood around her mouth. The suspect said he later tried to get the woman to go with him to his grandmother’s house, but she refused.

Even though the victim’s daughter urged her mother to seek medical treatment at the local hospital, it not known whether the victim sought treatment.

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