Milledgeville Police Department

— Theft

A Milledgeville City employee reported two Stihl weed eaters were taken from the back of a city vehicle Wednesday, a report states.

— Damage to property

A local woman reported a man scratched her car and kicked a dent in the side of her car after she reportedly told him she was not satisfied with the body work he performed on her car. According to the report, the woman told the man she was going to stop payment on the check until the work was done to her satisfaction. The man told police he scratched her car when he was showing her a problem area in her car. The man also told police he kicked her car to get her attention because she ran over his foot. According to the report, the man left because someone threatened him with a two-by-four. Surveillance videos were obtained from inside the Jet Food Store on Hancock Street where the incident took place, a report states.

— Shoplifting

Police issued a warrant on 38-year-old Darryl Arnez Alvin of West Walton Street after he was seen stealing jumper cables from The Market on North Columbia Street Wednesday, a report states.

— Burglary

A local woman reported someone broke into the Housing Authority residence she was preparing to move into on Earnest Byner Street around lunchtime Wednesday. According to the report, miscellaneous clothes, toys and papers were rummaged through, but nothing was


— Gas drive-off

A North Columbia Street Jet Food Store attendant reported someone pumped $40 worth of gas into a truck Thursday, and left without paying, a report states.

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