Wife, mother, lawyer, Wilkinson County native and current Milledgeville resident, Sherita Peeler, has recently added a new title to her life — author.

After years of chipping away at the story, she completed her first book titled “Storm Clouds” in August. The contemporary fiction novel features elements of drama, mystery, crime and romance as it follows a five-member family (husband, wife, three kids as well as two dogs) whose life had been picture perfect — until it wasn’t. 

To celebrate the release of her first work, Peeler will be at the Mary Vinson Memorial Library in downtown Milledgeville Saturday, Nov. 9 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. selling and signing copies. Those who can’t make it out to the local library but are interested in buying a copy may do so online through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or digitally on iTunes. 

An avid reader herself, Peeler was inspired to author her own novel some time ago, but a busy life put that dream on the back burner. She holds three degrees — undergraduate, master’s, and a law degree — and alongside her husband, Jon, is raising two children (ages 14 and 12). Peeler currently practices law as a special assistant attorney general for Georgia’s Middle Judicial Circuit that covers five counties. Even in the face of all that, she was driven and determined to complete her book, which she did in mid-August of this year.

“I’ve been writing on this book for awhile,” Peeler said. “It was really just something I wanted to finish. Once I did, not even two weeks later they had it in print. I was very satisfied because I had accomplished what I set out to do.”

The story follows the aforementioned family that finds itself missing a piece after the husband/father, Storm, doesn’t return from a business trip for two years. His family doesn’t know if he’s abandoned them or possibly even dead. But as it turns out, neither of those are the case.

“He wakes up in a different state completely as he’s been in a coma for the past two years,” the author said. “No one knew his name or anything about him.”

To find out what happens next, you’ll have to purchase your own personal copy published by AuthorHouse Publishing. 

Other than some names and character backgrounds, Peeler says the “Storm Clouds” plot pulls no elements from her personal life, it’s just something she was inspired to write having been a lifelong reader.

“I did from a standpoint where everyone can read it, meaning all nationalities and races,” she said. “I didn’t make it real long or too short. It’s just small enough that you could read it in one sitting if you’d like to and be done with it.”

Those who do buy a copy will notice that the cover says the book was written by Yvonne Jordan, not Peeler. She chose to utilize a pen name because she’s only interested in unfiltered feedback from readers. 

“I want people to be able to read the book and critique it honestly instead of just telling me what I want to hear,” said Peeler. “I’d rather have the truth so I can use that to improve on it.”

The words “improve on it” leave the door open for a second novel somewhere down the road, but for now Peeler is simply enjoying putting out her first work.

“It’s a possibility, but I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around this one. I’ve had so many people ask me when I’ll have the next one, even my grandmother who’s 91 years old. She read my first one and told me it was very good. She’s ready for the next one, so I guess I'm going to have to write another one even if it’s just for her.”

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