Kyunbre Hightower

A 22-year-old Milledgeville woman discovered Wednesday that getting into an argument with her ex-boyfriend and reportedly breaking out windows of his apartment and damaging his car wasn’t such a good idea.

The reason: It led to the woman’s arrest on separate criminal charges.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Chandra Hogan identified the suspect as Kyunbre LaFaye Hightower, of Vinson Highway.

Hightower was taken into custody at the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office after talking with Hogan about the incident. She was charged with criminal damage to property and criminal trespass, records show.

After being arrested, she was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center and jailed.

Hightower’s arrest followed incidents that reportedly took place at her ex-boyfriend’s residence.

The ex-boyfriend told Hogan that he discovered his ex-girlfriend at his residence when he returned from getting something to eat at a local restaurant. He told the deputy that Hightower was standing on the porch and that he went inside his apartment in an attempt to avoid her.

The man said the woman pushed her way into his apartment and demanded that he talk with her, according to the incident report.

He told the deputy that his ex-girlfriend continued to get louder and argumentative. He said he asked Hightower to leave several times, but she refused.

Hightower eventually went outside and he locked his door to keep her out of his apartment.

He said Hightower began yelling and screaming for him to open the door of his apartment, but he said he refused her request.

The woman reportedly grabbed a gas can and threw it at one of the windows of his apartment, breaking it. The woman then reportedly picked up a mop and beginning swinging it and knocked out several windowpanes, the deputy said in the report.

The ex-boyfriend said Hightower also threw a brick at his car, which scratched it. He accused the woman of later walking around to the trunk of his car and writing curse words on the trunk.

The victim in the case later telephoned his father for help.

When the ex-boyfriend’s dad got to the residence, he told the deputy that he advised Hightower to leave his son’s residence so she wouldn’t get into any trouble, but again, the woman reportedly refused.

Hightower reportedly told the man she didn’t have to go anywhere. The ex-boyfriend’s dad told the deputy that the woman then cursed him out and walked toward him in an aggressive manner. He said he tried to calm her down and urged her to leave.

The confrontation led to a telephone call to the sheriff’s office for help.

By the time the deputy got to the residence, Hightower already had left.

The deputy talked with Hightower on the telephone and the two arranged to meet later to discuss the incident, but Hightower never showed up. The deputy later learned that the suspect went to her mother’s residence. Eventually on Wednesday afternoon, Hightower met the deputy at the sheriff’s office. The conversation ended with suspect’s arrest.

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