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A 64-year-old Baldwin County woman was recently arrested on an outstanding warrant for reportedly abusing several cats and a dog, local authorities say.

The woman was identified as Nancy Christine Hollowell, of the 3000 block of North Columbia Street, Milledgeville, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Towe.

Hollowell was served with a warrant Saturday charging her with a misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals, records show.

After her arrest, she was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center.

Towe said in his report that he received a call from a 911 dispatcher on Friday, Feb. 14, to assist Baldwin County Animal Control officers concerning an animal cruelty case.

The deputy said he talked with Animal Control Officer Summer Bilbrey, who said she had been called about a dog being neglected at the residence.

“Summer pointed out a dog that was chained to a picnic table,” Towe said. “I observed the dog’s chain to be wrapped around the picnic table multiple times and tangled up, not allowing the dog to move very far.”

The deputy said he also saw that three empty bowls were overturned.

“The dog was emaciated and did not appear to have eaten anything lately,” Towe said. “The hair on the dog was extremely matted.”

Towe said the dog was laying underneath the picnic table and shaking.

The deputy said he later learned the dog’s owner was Nancy Hollowell.

A short time later, Hollowell’s ex-husband arrived. He told the deputy that he had been unable to get in touch with his ex-wife for several days.

Towe said he later talked with a neighbor who told him that she often sneaks food to the dog because its owner doesn’t properly care for the dog or her cats.

The neighbor said the pet owner drives up about every day and sits in her car for an hour or two before she leaves. The woman said Hollowell had not gotten out of her car in at least four days prior to local authorities arriving to investigate the condition of the dog and cats.

While at the address of the camper, other neighbors also talked with authorities.

“All stated that Nancy does not take care of the animals,” Towe said in his report. “We were advised that Nancy owns five cats and a dog. I observed the camper door to be cracked open on my arrival, so I entered the camper to ensure that no one was inside.”

 Inside the camper, the deputy said he was immediately struck by a strong odor that made it difficult to walk around.

The deputy said there was trash scattered all over the floors, counters and furniture. He said it made it difficult for him to walk safely inside the camper.

Inside, he found a cat.

Towe said he also discovered trash bags stacked up to the ceiling of the camper.

Cat feces was on the floor, the deputy said, and he saw no water or food for the cats.

Animal control officers took the dog and the cat found inside the camper. As the deputy was leaving the scene, animal control officers also were attempting to take the outside cats with them.

The next day, Towe said he went back to the camper where he arrested Hollowell.





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