Clyde Landrum

A 36-year-old Baldwin County man recently was indicted by a grand jury on kidnapping and battery charges, according to court records.

Those indictments were returned against Clyde Justin Landrum, who lives on Medlin Road. 

Landrum, who was arrested on May 3, is accused of abducting a woman, whom authorities at the time described as his girlfriend. The victim was taken from her residence.

Authorities said the victim tried to escape from her abductor on two different occasions, while she was forced to travel with him through Milledgeville on May 2. At the time, the woman and her abductor were traveling in the victim’s Jeep Cherokee.

The victim was later fortunate enough to escape her abductor, and subsequently was aided by deputies with the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputy Brandon Towe said in a report at the time of the crime that he received a call from a 911 dispatcher to respond to the area of Stembridge Road. The call was in reference to a welfare check on a woman walking along the side of the roadway and attempting to flag down a motorist.

Authorities had earlier been alerted about the incident by a passerby.

The woman already had managed to get into the backseat of the Jeep before she subsequently jumped out, ran away on foot and hid from her abductor, who also had threatened and cursed her during the ordeal.

Deputy Sgt. Andrew Brantley also responded to the area and was actually the first deputy to arrive.

While talking with the 39-year-old victim, Brantley said he learned the woman’s name, as well as other information. The woman said her boyfriend had been trespassed from her residence, but that she had allowed him to come there and visit her anyway.

The victim reportedly told Towe that Landrum had fallen asleep, while some of her friends had come to her residence to check on her since she was not answering her cell phone.

The victim said after her friends left her residence that Landrum awakened and began accusing her of stealing his wallet and keys, according to the incident report filed by Towe.

The woman said Landrum then began slapping her about the face. She said the man also spit on her.

Towe said the victim told him that she later was forced outside and into her Jeep Cherokee by the man, who was armed with a crow bar at the time.

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