Keith Russell

A Milledgeville man was arrested late Tuesday evening for possession of drugs with intent to distribute. 

Keith Antwarn Russell, of the 100 block of Meadow Road NE, was found in possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia after he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation.

Russell had just left the parking lot of Walmart on North Columbia Street around 10 p.m. when a Baldwin County Sheriff’s Deputy noticed that the tag on his 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe was not illuminated.

Deputy Brandon Towe conducted a traffic stop on Russell in the parking lot of LongHorn Steakhouse on North Columbia Street.

A woman was also in the vehicle.

“While speaking with the driver, I observed his hands to be shaking beyond that of the average citizen on a traffic stop,” Towe said in his report.

Towe asked Russell to step out of the vehicle so he could show him the tag light violation, at which time Russell said that he was on probation for cocaine possession in 2017.

Russell denied having drugs in the vehicle, according to the sheriff’s office incident report.

Towe said in his report that Russell looked toward the vehicle when answering his questions, indicating that he was possibly lying. 

Russell denied using cocaine and verbally consented to a search of the vehicle, according to the report.

“I approached the passenger side of the vehicle, in which I did not see anything on the ground. I had (the passenger) step out of the vehicle so that I could conduct my search,” Towe said. “(The passenger) said she had no knowledge of anything illegal in the vehicle.”

Towe found a razor blade under the driver’s side seat and a plastic bag filled with what he believed to be a “cookie” of cocaine located by the passenger door. 

Towe detained the woman in handcuffs.

Russell claimed that the drugs belonged to him and the woman must have been sitting on them unknowingly.

Towe searched Russell and found $111 cash in his pocket.

Russell requested an attorney before further speaking with law enforcement.

After further searching the vehicle, Towe found another razor blade, plastic sandwich bags that are typically used for packaging drugs, and $1,002 cash in Russell’s wallet.

The woman said Russell was giving her a ride home from work and she did not know about the drugs. Towe released her from custody with a warning.

Upon further inspection, Towe observed jagged edges on the block of cocaine, indicating that pieces had been cut off for individual sale. 

He placed Russell under arrest and issued him a citation for his tag lights.

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