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A 34-year-old Milledgeville man was arrested by local authorities early Friday in connection with an incident in which he is alleged to have dragged his wife from a taxicab.

The suspect was identified as Marcus Hurt, of the 100 block of Garrett Way, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Kevin Malloy.

Hurt was charged with simple battery under the Georgia Family Violence Act, pedestrian under the influence, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer, records show.

After Hurt was arrested, he later was taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center where he was jailed.

In his report, Malloy said he and Deputy Ashley Brown went to the 100 block of Sinclair Marina Road in reference to an assault. 

Once they arrived at the scene, deputies talked with a cab driver who told them that a woman who earlier had called for a taxi was taken from the cab by the woman’s husband.

The cab driver said the suspect opened the back door of the cab, grabbed his wife by one her arms and pulled her out of the cab. He then began dragging her down the road against her will, the cab driver reportedly told deputies.

Malloy later made a call to the jail to inform Deputy Sgt. Thomas Ptak that there may be an issue with the suspect once he got to the jail with him since he was “very intoxicated.”

At the jail, Hurt was using a lot of profanity and acting belligerant and reportedly told deputies that cameras were watching all of them.

Malloy and Ptak later began trying to remove the handcuffs off Hurt. The suspect continued to yell and curse and taking what was described by Ptak as an aggressive posture.

“I felt Deputy Malloy began to pull Marcus away from me and as he did, we began walking into the cell,” Ptak said. “Marcus was physically forced onto the concrete bench inside the cell and held down while his handcuffs were removed, physically resisting the entire time.”

Ptak said he gave Hurt verbal commands to unclench his fists so he could remove the handcuffs.

But Hurt reportedly would not comply.

Eventually he did, though.

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