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Local K-2 school Lakeview Primary was named a ‘Reward School’ by the Georgia Department of Education recently. The designation is given to Title I schools that show great improvement on the CCRPI, the state’s performance measure for public schools.

All local public schools saw their College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores increase from 2018 to 2019, but none quite so far as Lakeview Primary.

One of two Baldwin County School District K-2 schools, Lakeview Primary’s figure leapt from 48.6 in 2018 all the way up to 70.7 in 2019, as told by the figures released in late October. The CCRPI is the state’s measuring stick for Georgia public schools, and does so by weighing certain metrics such as performance on state-mandated assessments and attendance rate. 

For making the over 22-point jump in score, Lakeview Primary has landed on the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) list of Reward Schools, a designation recognizing Title I schools across the state for showing great improvement in their CCRPI scores. Some 85 schools across the state were named Reward Schools last week. Title I schools are those that receive federal funding based on their heavy concentration of low-income students among their enrollment.

“We are very proud of our team at Lakeview Primary for earning this distinction,” said Superintendent Dr. Noris Price in a Monday press release. “The teachers, support staff, school leaders and parents at Lakeview Primary have done an incredible job over the past few years and we are very happy they are finally being recognized for it.”

According to the GaDOE, Reward Schools are among the greatest-improving 5% of Title I schools. In addition to improving on the CCRPI, these schools must maintain the performance of certain student subgroups like those who are economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities and English language learners (students who do not speak English as their first language). 

In addition to naming Reward Schools, GaDOE also named the state’s Distinguished Schools. Those schools are the highest-performing Title I schools across the state. They are able to post high scores despite having a student population that largely comes from a low-income background. 

“While we are focused on continuous improvement for all schools, it’s also essential that we recognize when schools are doing well,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said in a GaDOE press release. “These schools are overcoming barriers, meeting challenges, and producing great gains for their students. I commend the school leaders, teachers, parents and communities in our 2019-20 Distinguished and Reward Schools who are opening up opportunities for their students.”

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