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Owner Kyle Burgamy and his team bring expert level landscape design and property maintenance skills to their clients at Lakefront Landscaping and Property Care.

As a business owner, Kyle Burgamy knows the importance of staying on top of the administrative tasks of his company, but his true joy will always be getting outside and doing the work he loves.

“I love to get out in people’s yards and just play around,” said Burgamy. “You can take a certain amount of ownership with some of the work that’s being done.”

Landscape design allows Burgamy to unleash his creative side. The Milledgeville native studied landscape architecture at the University of Georgia, and after working at a company in the Athens area for a few years upon graduation, he decided to come back to his hometown. He continued to work in the industry locally, and in 2018 decided to open his own business, Lakefront Landscaping and Property Care.

While some property care companies focus largely on mowing and general yard upkeep, Burgamy chose a slightly different model for his business.

“Landscape design is really the core of our business, and I think it’s what really sets us apart among other companies out there that do landscape type work,” said Burgamy.

Lakefront Landscaping and Property Care can help both residential and commercial customers by designing, planning and building landscapes ranging from a small corner of someone’s yard to the entire property of a new construction. They service all of Milledgeville and Baldwin County, as well as portions of Putnam, Jones and Hancock Counties.

Burgamy and his team bring years of experience in landscape design and horticulture to the table, allowing them to help customers choose plants, trees and shrubs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but that are suited to thrive in the particular environment in which they are planted.

“A lot of people want help figuring out what to do in their yards, and that’s what we do. We help them figure out what to do, give them ideas,” said Burgamy. “We’re very well versed in the local plant varieties, both native and others that are well adapted for here.”

Burgamy said he and his staff get their plants from a number of local sources. They enjoy picking a variety of plants both for their customers’ enjoyment and their own continual love of learning about plants.

“We try to use a wide variety of plants rather just sticking to a few,” said Burgamy. “At heart, we’re plant people, so we like plants, we like the variety, and personally, I like to learn more about plants.”

While Lakefront Landscaping excels at design, they are also professionals at maintaining existing plant life. The company offers service plans to customers who seek assistance in property upkeep. Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly options are available. The Lakefront staff will come to the property and perform general tasks such as weeding and pruning while also offering advice to the owner on specific aspects of plant care. Maintenance plans also include an option for lawn mowing services if desired.


Burgamy says that while some clients want to leave all of their lawn care to the professionals, many enjoy collaborating with the Lakefront Landscaping staff so they can learn more about how to care for the plants growing on their properties.

“We kind of form a partnership with them,” said Burgamy.

By developing relationships with long-term customers, Burgamy said he is often able to enjoy both the instant gratification of his work on any given day and the delayed gratification that comes with time.

“When it comes to planting and seeing shrubs and trees mature over the years, it takes a little more patience, but for that reason, it’s all the more rewarding,” said Burgamy.

Burgamy is proud of his staff and the level of expertise they bring to the job.

“I’ve got a great team working with me, but they’re also very knowledgeable about plants. I think that’s our biggest strength as a company,” said Burgamy. “They’re wonderful, and they’re the reason this business is what it is.”

Burgamy added that Lakefront Landscaping is looking to hire more staff members who are interested in “all things landscape.”

While the last year was a challenging one for many businesses, Burgamy said he feels fortunate that his company was able to thrive. Working outside allowed them to continue on, even during the strictest period of pandemic closures. Burgamy also saw people develop a renewed interest in investing in improvements on their properties during this time.

“A lot of people who hadn’t spent much time at home were suddenly spending a lot of time at home,” said Burgamy.

Overall, Burgamy is thrilled with how much his company has grown in the last couple of years. While he will always have to deal with office work, he is thankful for all of the time he gets to work outside.

“We get to work on some of the neatest properties around the lake and around Milledgeville,” said Burgamy. “We’ve got a lot of long-term clients, and we get to see how things progress over the years, and so that’s really neat to see. To look at a beautiful property and know that you had a role to play in that, that’s really satisfying.”


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