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Georgia Power’s regular lowering of Lake Sinclair is scheduled to begin Monday, allowing lot owners to schedule repairs and construction on docks, seawalls and boathouses. 

Residents have a little more than a month to get their projects completed as the lowering will last until Nov. 29. 

The drawdown happens every five years on the lake, which touches parts of Baldwin, Putnam and Hancock counties. The lake level will go down about 6 inches per day then fluctuate between 335 and 337 feet, according to Georgia Power. The power company defines 340 feet as “full pool” for Lake Sinclair, so the drawdown will give residents easier access to make necessary repairs and improvements. Lower lake elevation will typically be seen in the morning hours.

In order to have work done while the lake is lowered, one must first obtain a permit from Georgia Power. The company has been accepting permit applications since June 1, and will continue to accept them even after drawdown begins.

“There is no cutoff date, but we will be issuing permits for the drawdown until the drawdown is over,” said Georgia Power media relations lead Holly Crawford in an email. 

Permit applications can be found online at by visiting the Oconee/Sinclair section of the website. Clicking “Shoreline Management” at the top of the page will take applicants to the permit applications they need depending on what project or projects they need done. The form may be submitted online or printed to be mailed or faxed to Georgia Power for consideration. 

A few tips to remember about the drawdown include that it is totally weather dependent. Significant rain could cause the lake level to rise, so construction equipment and materials should be removed from the lake bed when not in use in case of a quick level increase. Residents should also remember that any watercraft needed during the drawdown needs to be moved this weekend before the lake begins lowering on Monday. 

The power company recommends residents to follow the Georgia Power Lake Oconee/Lake Sinclair Facebook page for the most up-to-date information on the drawdown and other happenings on the two area lakes. 

Any changes to the drawdown schedule will be posted on that Facebook page as well as on 

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