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Krazy Dave’s rents kayaks and tubes by the hour or by the day for use on both Lake Sinclair and the Oconee River.

As the summer days heat up and people look for safe ways to get out of the house and have some fun, local waterways are becoming the ideal destination for fun in the sun. 

The demand for water sports rentals is so high in the area that it can occasionally be a challenge to book something, especially on the weekends. This is what happened several weeks ago to David Brooks.

“Me and a friend of mine wanted to rent some kayaks … and we couldn’t find any available,” said Brooks. “I just kind of hit a light bulb moment.”

With local demand exceeding supply, Brooks took the opportunity to get in the game by opening Krazy Dave’s Kayaks & Tubing. After procuring his business license and inventory, he got to work providing tube and kayak rentals in the area.

Krazy Dave’s rents kayaks and tubes to those wishing to enjoy a day on the Oconee River. 

“We offer the rentals to go down the river from the Greenway to the Central State boat ramp,” explained Brooks. “With that is provided transportation. Generally, we’ll get people to meet us at the boat ramp and we’ll bring them back up to the start and put them in the water, so once they are done, they’re at their vehicle; they’ll call us, and we can come pick up our equipment.”

Krazy Dave’s can be flexible with customers’ preferences of parking their cars at either the Oconee Greenway or the Central State ramp. Rentals are taken seven days a week. For an approximately four-hour trip down the river, single kayaks cost $35. The price includes all the necessary equipment.

“That’s inclusive of your paddle, a waterproof case for your phone and your keys and a life jacket as well,” said Brooks.

For those looking for a more relaxing float down the river, Krazy Dave’s offers single and double person tubes with backrests and cupholders. Single tubes can be rented for $10 and double tubes for $16 for a river float expedition. Double tubes include a small cooler between the two backrests. 

Krazy Dave’s is the only area business that has included tube rentals for customers. Brooks said he feels this was a way to set himself apart from other outdoor sports businesses.

“Not everybody’s into having to kayak down the river,” said Brooks. “Some people want to just be able to float down the river and spend four hours and stop on the sandbars and have lunch.”

Brooks points out that the tubes can be an ideal option for small groups hoping to enjoy the river together.

“The tubes can be tied together with the ropes that are on the tubes. So, you can actually float down the river with a party of 10 if you want to, and everybody’s connected and going at the same rate,” said Brooks.

Krazy Dave’s also provides rentals to those wishing to enjoy Lake Sinclair, whether that be paddling in a kayak or floating near a dock in a tube. Half-day and whole-day rentals are available, and delivery can be made to most drop-in points on the lake. Half-day kayak rentals are $35 (with a slightly higher fee for longer distance drops) and whole day rentals are $50. Single tubes are $10 for a half-day and $15 for a whole day, while double tubes are $16 for a half-day and $22 for a whole day.

For those looking for weekend fun, Krazy Dave’s offers a special deal for Friday through Sunday three-day kayak rentals. Instead of paying the $50 per day rate, those renting for the whole weekend pay $115 for the three days. A deposit is required for weekend rentals.

Krazy Dave’s also offers a $5 discount on all rentals to military and student ID holders.

All kayaks are thoroughly cleaned with sanitizer and rinsed in between rentals to ensure safety for the customers. 

For Brooks, who also owns his own contracting business, the decision to open Krazy Dave’s offered an opportunity to find a side business doing something he already loves. An avid outdoorsman who enjoys fishing and being out on the water, Brooks is happy to bring his enthusiasm to others by helping them get out and enjoy the local waterways.

Brooks said he is thrilled to be “doing something that I can get into and enjoy and be excited doing and share that with other people.”

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