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A Georgia Military College Preparatory School employee has tested positive for COVID-19. 

The school confirmed the positive case through public affairs coordinator Jobie Shields Monday, who said the employee has since been self-quarantining. Shields also said the case was reported before GMC Prep’s Class of 2020 graduation held Friday night, so the individual was not among those present for the ceremony. 

The school said in a statement that the employee was not exposed to COVID-19 while on campus and has not returned to school grounds since contracting with the virus.

“The employee did not come to campus after they realized they had come in contact with somebody who was positive,” Shields said.

GMC Prep said in its statement that this is the school’s first positive case.

“We continue to enforce all social distancing and hand washing requirements; and actively seek out and procure new equipment to provide greater protection from the virus for our GMC family,” a portion of the school’s statement reads. “We will continue to monitor the overall situation and take all actions necessary to provide for our GMC Family (students, faculty and staff) safe environments for all.”

GMC Prep, along with other schools around the state, closed its campus to students in mid-March to keep COVID-19 from spreading. Students learned remotely from home through the end of the 2019-20 academic year. Staff members who were able worked from home while others reported to campus for business continuity purposes. The military school canceled its indoor baccalaureate service for the Class of 2020 graduates last week, but kept graduation Friday since it was an outdoor event. Attendance was limited to close family members and seating was spread out around the school’s Grant Parade Field. 

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