GSP Sgt. David Holland places a large bookcase on the back of this trailer during move from the old GSP post to a temporary one on the campus of Central State Hospital on Tuesday morning.

The large, two-story brick building near the intersection of Georgia Route 49 and U.S. Highway 441 Bypass in Milledgeville has been home to the Georgia State Patrol Post 33 since 1971.

Memories abound for many state troopers who have been assigned there through the years and eventually moved on to higher ranking positions or who are now retired or deceased.

New memories on are on the horizon now that the state patrol post is moving from its current location to The Wilkes Building on the campus of Central State Hospital.

The move from the old barracks to CSH has been ongoing since last week. As of Tuesday morning, nearly all the office furniture, book cases, file cabinets, computers, etc. had been moved from their previous location to their new location.

The Wilkes Building has undergone a lot of renovations to accommodate the troopers who will be working out of the building to serve the counties of Baldwin, Jones, Washington and Hancock. 

Troopers will begin working out of their new temporary post location on Monday morning.

“Everything is being coordinated so we never miss a beat,” said Milledgeville GSP Post Commander Sgt. First Class Robbie Roberson.

The new address of the Georgia State Patrol post on the CSH campus will be 578 Lawrence Road, Milledgeville.

Troopers will be at their new site for about 18 months while a new post is being bid on and then built. The new post will be located adjacent to the existing DDS site, just on the outskirts of Milledgeville, and near the Fall Line Freeway. Tentative construction plans call for the new post to open in the spring of 2021.

“We have to be completely out of the old post by the close of business this Friday, Aug. 23,” said Roberson, one of those who leaves behind a lot of fond memories. “I remember when I first started with the state patrol. I worked here almost a year as a dispatcher, and then went on to Trooper School before being assigned to the Thomson GSP post, and then assigned back to the Milledgeville where I worked for three or four years as a trooper.”

Ironically when Roberson was promoted to sergeant first class he was reassigned to the Milledgeville post where he became post commander.

“We’ve had a lot of really good troopers that have worked out of this old building in Milledgeville,” Roberson said.

Roberson along with several of the troopers who are assigned to the Milledgeville GSP Post have been busy moving the furnishings of the old post to the temporary one at CSH. They have received assistance from state employees with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

“John Guy with GDOT has been a life-saver, helping provide us with some manpower during this move,” Roberson said.

The post commander said Guy was in the process of making some new signs to let the public know where the temporary state patrol post is actually located.

“That will help the public out a lot, I believe, as far as those wanting to come by and get a crash report,” Roberson said.

Some of the troopers, besides Roberson, taking part in moving various fixtures Tuesday included Sgt. David Holland, Trooper First Class 3 Patrick Prosser, Trooper First Class Daniel McMullen, and Trooper First Class Kevin Kirby, as well as GSP post secretary Michelle M. Perritt.

“We may have everything moved over there before Friday,” Roberson said, noting he was planning on taking advantage of all the help he has right now. “It may actually be that we are over there before the end of business hours on Friday.”

Roberson also thanked Mark Simpson who has been so accommodating to the needs of the state patrol in their transition from the old post to the temporary post at CSH. He also commended Mike Couch and members of the Central State Hospital Local Redevelopment Authority for their support of the move, too.

“They have all done an outstanding job to help us and we really appreciate it,” Roberson said. “Anything we’ve needed, they’ve helped us. They have all been just great to us.”

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