Dungeons & Daiquiris

The concept for Dungeons & Daiquiris originated from the owners' shared love of the tabletop game of the same name, the vintage look of the building, and the owner’s Louisiana roots. The business is located at 125 S. Wayne St. in downtown Milledgeville.

Rebecca Auzenne and her partners purchased the space at 125 S. Wayne St. in Milledgeville just before the COVID-19 shutdown. With that purchase also came the decision to move from Atlanta to the Milledgeville area. 

Auzenne said that they loved Milledgeville from the beginning and had a desire to get out of the big city, so the move made perfect sense.

The group originally rented the space to use for work, but Auzenne explained they came to realize the space would be better if it were shared. So, the concept of Dungeons & Daiquiris, a business whose name comes from the owners' shared love of the tabletop game of the same name, the vintage look of the building, and the owner’s Louisiana roots, began to slowly take shape. 

“We used to play tabletop games as kids and teenagers and wanted to have a place that welcomed groups for board games, card games and even some console games,” Auzenne said.

Milledgeville’s Dungeons & Daiquiris is a new gaming lounge with a food and drink menu that reflects its theme. The menu includes handcrafted crepes and bagel sandwiches during special hours. There are also several drink options, such as frozen daiquiris and smoothies. 

The menu will be updated regularly, so customers should keep an eye on the website and Facebook pages to see what arrives.  

That’s not all though, because there are, of course, tables where patrons can not only play Dungeons & Dragons but also board games and card games. 

The planned slate of activities includes Monday Night Magic and Wednesday D&D theme nights, which are already on the event calendar. Auzenne additionally said that more game nights are in the works, and will be based on the feedback received from customers. 

Tables at Dungeons & Daiquiris can be reserved for special events and customers can host games on their own. own with them. Space is also available for customers to rent for themed parties and any group events.  

Dungeons & Daiquiris also notably shares its space with another business, Milly Grub, which is slated to open Tuesdays and Thursdays through Saturdays for the late-night crowd.

“There is a big crowd that still loves to play tabletop games and role-playing games and everyone seems excited for a good place to play them,” she said. 

While the pandemic and shutdown made getting the space ready to open for business more challenging, Auzenne said other local businesses lent a helpful hand.

She and the other owners enjoy sharing what they love, which makes running the businesses all the more fun, she said. 

She anticipates being fully open for business within the next few weeks.

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