Sen. David Perdue campaign ad

ATLANTA — In his first round of political ads for the upcoming U.S. Senate election, incumbent Sen. David Perdue tags himself "the Original Outsider."

In one ad, the Republican touts his policy ideas for police reform, which — given the concern across the nation about police brutality — could be a deciding election issue in November.

Georgia has not been left out of ongoing protests following police killing George Floyd, a Black man in Minneapolis, and the death of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black Brunswick man, who was chased down by three white men and shot.

Perdue said he believes there is a need for reform but is adamantly opposed to defunding law enforcement.

“Our officers need to look more like the communities they serve. Deescalation training is a must — body cameras would help,” he says. "Real police reform will make all of our neighborhoods safer and ensure justice for all."

In another ad released Wednesday, the Republican warns of the “radical left” while both himself and the president likely face tight races against Democrat rivals.

“Now it’s up to us to protect what the rest of the world envies — economic opportunity for everybody, limited governor, individual liberty. I will not let Jon Ossoff destroy the American Dream.”

In a statement Wednesday, Miryam Lipper, an Ossoff spokeswoman, accused Perdue of "downplaying the threat of COVID-19 while trading medical stocks to line his own pockets.”

"David Perdue should run an ad explaining to his constituents why he always puts his own interests ahead of ours,” she said.

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