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G&S Gas sells and services various propane products including Generac home generators, Rinnai tankless water heaters, gas log fireplaces, fire pits and more.

In a world increasingly dominated by chain franchises and big box stores, it can be hard to make your mark as a locally-owned business, but according to Larry Garrett, president and CEO of G&S Gas Service in Milledgeville, this is the exact thing that attracts their clients to them.

“A lot of people are coming to us now because they like to do business locally,” said Larry.

G&S Gas was founded in 1963 by brothers Raleigh and Ray Garrett and Tommy Simmons with the goal of bringing propane gas and excellent customer service to the Milledgeville area. Larry Garrett came to work alongside his father Raleigh just over 40 years ago. In 2013, Larry’s son Raleigh came on board to continue the family’s legacy. Raleigh now serves as the vice president of G&S Gas.

“I’m so blessed to have my son to come down here to basically take over the business,” said Larry. “He does a great job.”

G&S Gas prides itself on being the only remaining locally-owned gas company in the area. The father-son team says they work hard to make having access to the conveniences of propane gas easy for their customers.

“That’s our entire focus is we want to reduce the barriers to get gas in your house,” said Raleigh. “We want to make it as easy as we possibly can.”

Over the years, G&S Gas has served thousands of commercial and residential customers in Milledgeville and in the surrounding nine-county area with gas services, products, installation and maintenance. One product line that has proven popular in recent years, especially after some extended local power outages due to hurricanes and tropical storms, are Generac home generators. G&S Gas has certified Generac technicians on their staff who can help homeowners feel prepared to handle such major power outage events.

“You never worry about losing power. It gives you safety at home,” said Raleigh.

G&S Gas even prepares ahead of predicted major storms by blocking out time in their service schedule to make sure all existing generator customers are ready to weather the storm.

“The last thing we want for someone who’s invested in one of these things is for it not to work properly,” said Raleigh.

Another popular item for homeowners these days are tankless water heaters. G&S Gas sells and installs Rinnai tankless water heaters that offer homeowners the benefit of never-ending hot water.

“That’s a great peace of mind that many people love,” said Raleigh.

G&S also features more than 20 different gas log fireplaces in their showroom. Raleigh said homeowners flock to gas logs for the convenience they offer.

“They’re comfort at the click of a button,” said Raleigh. “It is just an instant way to enjoy fire without the hassle of smoke and worrying about bringing wood in your home.”

That comfort and convenience extends to the outdoor living space where G&S Gas can install and service gas lines to pool heaters and fire pits for outdoor patio living.

“The living room has expanded outside of the four walls of the house now,” said Raleigh. “We joke and say, ‘Propane fire pits are hot right now.’”

Another convenient service G&S Gas offers is onsite filling of propane cylinders for gas grills and campers. Tanks are filled to the maximum safe level in just a few minutes while you wait. 

As a rule, G&S Gas likes to live by a three-step process when helping customers get what they need, beginning with customers calling or visiting the store to learn about what products they want, followed by a free, in-home estimate, and finally professional installation. In all steps of the process, safety is of the utmost importance.

“We want to leave somebody’s house knowing every single night that they’re going to be in a safe house,” said Raleigh. “We would never do something at someone else’s house that we wouldn’t want done at our own house.”

G&S Gas also employs state-of-the art technology to monitor customers’ tank levels at all times. 

“We make sure that you never run out of gas,” said Raleigh.

The Garretts credit their 21-member staff with allowing them to carry on a tradition of excellent service.

“G&S Gas has a team of dedicated employees, many with over 20 years, some with over 30, who’ve driven G&S to reach its current success,” said Raleigh. “We trust them to be the face of this company. We think we’ve done a good job of bringing people in here that the founders would be proud to have working with us.”

Now on their third generation of leading the company, the Garretts are proud to continue the work of those who came before them.

“It means to world to me,” said Larry. “We’re third generation which … in today’s world is very rare.”

Raleigh credits his grandfather’s generation with providing them with a strong base from which to continue. 

“Without that foundation, it wouldn’t be able to be where it is today,” said Raleigh. “It’s fun to look back and have a legacy of something that we get to put our stamp on.”


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