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Two Milledgeville men were arrested on drug trafficking charges following separate traffic stops at the same location in Baldwin County earlier this month, local authorities say.

In one of the cases, the suspect grabbed a bag of suspected methamphetamine, which resulted in a struggle with a deputy sheriff. The suspect subsequently fell down an embankment. During the scuffle, four gallon-sized bags or kilos fell from the bag. The suspect was eventually subdued and taken into custody without further incident.

The kilos of methamphetamine, which was seized as evidence by agents with the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force (ODTF), had an estimated street value of $26,000, according to ODTF Commander Wesley Nunn.

The traffic stops were made on Monday, April 5, shortly before 4 p.m. Both traffic stops happened on Ga. Route 212 near Lumpkin and Bentley roads.

Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Brandon Towe said he and Deputy Sgt. Jerome Roberts stopped to assist troopers from the Georgia State Patrol post in Milledgeville.

Towe said in his report that Sgt. First Class Kevin Pope, GSP post commander, informed him that he had stopped the driver of a car for a window tint violation and was awaiting the arrival of a K-9 team from the Georgia Department of Corrections (DOC).

The suspect in the first case was identified as Anrico Dontae Taylor, 32, of the 700 block of Ga. Highway 49 West, Milledgeville.

Taylor was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for trafficking methamphetamine, felony possession of tampering with evidence, and obstruction of a law enforcement officer, records show.

The second suspect, meanwhile, was identified as Jarvis Vontrell Havior, 29, of the 2400 block of River Ridge Road, N.E., Milledgeville.

Havior was charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act for trafficking methamphetamine.

After the suspects were arrested, they were taken to the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center and jailed.

In the case involving Taylor, Towe said he talked with the suspect while Pope was completing his paperwork.

That’s when the deputy said he walked away to take a phone call.

“I walked a short distance away, while Pope watched over the offender,” Towe said.

After the phone call, Towe said the suspect asked Pope for permission to go back inside his car to retrieve his phone.

“I walked over and assisted Pope in not allowing Anrico inside the vehicle,” Towe said.

The deputy said because of the evolving events, he failed to reactivate the audio on his body camera. He had muted the audio to take the phone call. 

Towe said Pope explained to the suspect that since he and the deputy were unsure about whether or not there were weapons inside the car, they would not allow him to go back and get into his car.

“Pope advised Anrico that he could grab his phone for him and Anrico told him where to find the phone,” Towe said in his report. “During this time, I had to stop Anrico multiple times from trying to get inside the vehicle. Anrico repeatedly ignored my commands.”

The state trooper later retrieved the phone and went back to his patrol car to complete his paperwork.

Towe said he was informed that the K-9 team was about 10 minutes away.

Again, the suspect attempted to enter the passenger’s side rear door of his car.

“As I grabbed Anrico and tried to pull him back, Anrico violently pulled away from me, knocking my body worn camera off of my vest and onto the ground,” Towe said. “I noticed immediately that Anrico was not trying to get into the car to flee, but instead was trying to frantically retrieve something from inside the vehicle.”

The deputy said he grabbed the suspect from behind and removed him from the car, according to the report.

In the process, Towe said he and the suspect fell approximately 10 feet down a nearby embankment.

Towe said he noticed that Anrico had a green Publix bag in his hand and was ripping open a gallon size Ziploc bag that appeared to contain methamphetamine, according to the report.

The deputy said the suspect crawled through the ditch, but that he managed to pull the bag away from him.

Pope later assisted the deputy in placing the suspect into handcuffs without any further incident.

The suspect received minors cuts and scratches from the briars in the ditch, while the deputy sustained a minor cut to his right hand.

Agents from the Ocmulgee Drug Task Force later came to the scene and seized the methamphetamine and other evidence.

In the case involving Havior, meanwhile, Sgt. Roberts said he assisted GSP Trooper First Class Kevin Kirby with the traffic stop. Havior was pulled over for speeding.

Roberts said Kirby asked Havior to step out of his vehicle. He opened the door of the vehicle but hesitated.

“After a few seconds went by, the driver finally got out of the vehicle,” Roberts said. “Once the driver was out of the vehicle, I recognized him as Jarvis Havior.”

 The suspect was searched for weapons and later was detained while an officer with the Georgia Department of Corrections and his K-9 partner performed what is known as a “free-air sniff” around Havior’s vehicle, according to Roberts.

The dog made a positive alert, which led to a probable cause search of the vehicle.

Roberts said the search turned up three cellphones and a black magazine that contained 40-caliber rounds.

Nothing illegal was found during the search.








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