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UPDATE: According to information from the Baldwin County Solicitor’s Office, the charges included in this story were later dismissed against the suspect. 


Kendel Blake Swicord, recently terminated from his job as post commander of the Georgia State Patrol post in Milledgeville, was arrested early Sunday in connection with a domestic argument that resulted in serious injuries to his girlfriend, local authorities say.

Swicord was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge, according to the incident report. He was released on his own recognizance from the Baldwin County Law Enforcement Center. 

The 46-year-old Swicord, who had worked with GSP for nearly 17 years, was fired in November by officials with the Georgia Department of Public Safety for policy violations. The GDPS oversees GSP operations. Swicord later appealed the decision, but lost in his bid to keep his state job.

The weekend incident reportedly involved Swicord and a woman identified by authorities as Angel Elaine Foresee. The two live at separate residences in Baldwin County, according to an incident report filed by Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sgt. Andrew Brantley. 

In the report, Foresee was listed as Swicord’s girlfriend.

Brantley said in his report that the domestic dispute between the couple happened in the 2600 block of Ga. Route 24 north in Baldwin County.

Foresee sustained an injured nose with what was described as a substantial degree of swelling, Brantley said in his report. There also was a substantial amount of blood on the victim’s clothing and she also appeared to have some slight swelling and discoloration to her right eye.

Grady Emergency Medical Services was called to assess the victim’s injuries. Foresee was informed by EMS personnel that her nose was possibly broken, and suggested that she have an X-ray taken at the hospital. She refused medical attention, however, noting she would follow up with a doctor at a later time, the deputy said in his report.

About 2:30 a.m. Sunday, Brantley said he received a call from Deputy Benjamin Forbus informing him that he had received a message from Angel Foresee.

“Deputy Forbus advised me that Foresee messaged him via Facebook and said she needed to file a police report,” Brantley said in his report. “When asked why, Foresee sent him a series of pictures of her that showed serious injuries to her face.”

The victim reportedly said she was assaulted by her boyfriend and identified him by name.

Brantley said he later met with Forbus in the parking lot of the Dollar General Store on Roberson Mill Road and she showed Brantley the pictures that Foresee had sent him.

After the supervisor deputy looked at the photographs, Brantley told Forbus to message Foresee back to meet with them and talk about what had happened.

At the time, Foresee said she was locked in a bathroom at Swicord’s residence. She also indicated that she was unable to drive because she had been drinking alcohol.

Foresee sent another message a short time later to let Forbus know that she had left the residence walking and had called a friend to pick her up, so she could meet with deputies and talk.

Brantley said when he talked with Foresee that he activated his body camera and recorded what the victim told him.

Foresee told the deputy that she and Swicord had visited some friends at their home Saturday night.

Brantley said Foresee told him that they had gotten into an argument at their friends’ residence after she began scrolling through his cellphone. She said she later gave Swicord back his phone and she went outside.

The couple left their friends’ home a short time later, but the argument continued on the drive home, according to the incident report.

During that time, Foresee said her boyfriend turned the radio up loud and that when she reached over to turn the volume down, he “backhanded her in the face,” according to the incident report.

The two then began exchanging what she described as blows, and that she started kicking him in self-defense.

The woman said Swicord eventually slammed on the brakes of his pickup truck and pulled into the parking lot of a North Columbia Street motel, where she said he began beating her in the head.

The victim said her nose started bleeding heavily and that when Swicord realized what had happened he drove off toward his residence.

Brantley said he asked the victim what happened when the couple got to Swicord’s residence and Foresee said she told Swicord, “just look at all the blood.”

The victim said Swicord went inside his residence, got a towel and began cleaning the blood from his truck.

Foresee said she went inside a bathroom of the residence to clean up and call a friend. She stayed there until the friend gave her contact information so she could go and meet with deputies.

Brantley said Foresee admitted that she and Swicord had both been drinking.

The deputy said Lt. Thomas Smith with the Milledgeville Police Department was also on the scene during the interview with Foresee.

Brantley said Smith contacted his command staff and advised them on the situation since Swicord is the brother of Dray Swicord, the city police chief.

“Chief Swicord came to the scene,” Brantley said.

He offered to make contact with his brother.

“After speaking with me briefly, Chief Swicord left the scene and stated he would bring (Blake) Swicord to the sheriff’s office,” Brantley said.

Once Blake Swicord got the sheriff’s office, Brantley said he escorted Swicord to the squad room and activated his body camera.

Initially when asked if he was going to make a statement, Swicord reportedly said he wasn’t going to, Brantley said in his report. 

Brantley said he informed Swicord that based on the statements that Foresee had made and the severity of her injuries that he would be charged with battery.

Swicord said the incident was “just mutual combat,” Brantley said in his report.

The former state trooper provided his account of what happened, and said he and Foresee went to a party and that his girlfriend started getting drunk. Swicord admitted that he, too, had consumed some drinks, but was not intoxicated.

Brantley said Swicord told him that he and his girlfriend had been watching a UFC fight and that it was starting to get late. He said he got his phone to check the time, and that his girlfriend asked him who he was talking to, referring to another woman.

Swicord said Foresee walked over the snatched away his phone and started going through it.

Swicord told the deputy that about 20 minutes later Foresee slammed his phone down on a counter and went outside and sat in his truck. A short time later, the couple drove away.

While en route to his residence, Swicord told Brantley that Foresee accused him of being romantically involved with someone else. Swicord said he turned his radio up to ignore what Foresee was saying at the time.

When Foresee attempted to turn the radio down, Swicord told the deputy that she scratched his hand, and then began punching and kicking him.

Swicord said that’s when he stopped his truck in the turn lane on North Columbia Street while Foresee was“going berserk.”

Swicord reportedly admitted that he was “beating her back.”

He explained to the deputy that his girlfriend injured her nose when he hit her forearm and caused her own hand to strike her nose.

Swicord said Foresee told him, “You just broke my nose.”

That reportedly stopped the physical altercation, Swicord said, noting that he then pulled into the Fairfield Inn and saw that her nose was bleeding. When the couple arrived at his residence, Swicord told Brantley he got a towel and began cleaning his girlfriend’s nose.






















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