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Erin Andrews Media founder and CEO Erin Andrews (pictured) opened the doors to her own marketing company three years ago. In its first year of eligibility, it has been named as a finalist for the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce recently named the four finalists for this year’s Small Business of the Year Award. Leading up to the Jan. 23 awards gala, The Union-Recorder will profile each finalist beginning today with Erin Andrews Media.

Opened in November 2017, Erin Andrews Media, for the last three-plus years now, has seen to the marketing needs of local and area small businesses. 

Prior to opening her own business, company founder and CEO Erin Andrews spent 14 years working in advertising for The Union-Recorder. While out selling ads for the newspaper, she would often get requests from business owners wanting her to run their social media accounts. Not wanting to sacrifice her personal family time after work, she turned down those offers for about two years before taking the plunge and putting her name on her own business. Now in its first year of eligibility, her company Erin Andrews Media stands as one of four finalists for the Milledgeville-Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award. 

“It’s very humbling, and I already feel like a winner because somebody out there thought enough of me and my business to nominate us,” Andrews said. “For the judges to actually choose us as part of the top four — I think that’s pretty awesome considering we’ve been in business three years.”

Having spent the better part of the last two decades in the advertising/marketing realm, Andrews has seen firsthand the need for businesses to have an active online presence whether that be through social media or a website. Her company handles management and creation of both avenues that are still relatively new when it comes to reaching prospective customers. 

“Basically everybody is online now through mobile devices,” said Andrews. “It’s just a way to get a captive, targeted audience based on their behaviors and interests. You can make sure your advertising is in front of the right eyeballs instead of throwing it out there for the whole world to see. You get analytics too, so you know what’s working the best. It gives you a little more control over your advertising.”

The local marketing business also recently added the capability to create virtual 3D tours for clients. 

Erin Andrews Media is not solely geared toward digital efforts, though. The firm also still oversees clients’ ad buys for traditional print publications and billboards. 

Andrews shared that her company was putting up record numbers the first quarter of 2020 before COVID-19 hit. The pandemic caused clients to hit the pause button on any big marketing efforts, and growth slowed for Erin Andrews Media. Andrews took the opportunity to pivot rather than come to a full stop. 

“We didn’t really lose a lot of business, but we stopped gaining new projects for a little while because people were hesitant about how to spend their money,” the CEO said. “When things slowed down for us, we started doing a lot more community work to make sure that small businesses stayed in front of people quarantined at home. We did a series of videos, and shared lots of content. We did not just focus on our clients, but we tried to help our community businesses as a whole.”

Following the lull, work for Erin Andrews Media has since picked back up as businesses also found new ways to get their products to customers. Some have companies like Andrews’ to thank for finding those creative solutions and putting them into action. 

Erin Andrews Media is one of four finalists for this year’s Chamber Small Business of the Year. The winner, along with other award recipients, will be named Saturday, Jan. 23 at the GMC Activity Center. 

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